Are you scheduled to take an Alabama DMV test in 2021? What if we told you there was a way you could get an amazing permit study guide which contains all the information you need for your DMV written test for Alabama, totally free of charge? Well, today is your lucky day! If you pop over to the official DPS website right now, you can download a free PDF version of the Alabama driver’s handbook for 2021, straight to your laptop, smart phone or tablet. We know what you’re thinking, there are quite a few different study aids aimed at Alabama driving students online, many of which come at a cost – so how can this free resource be any good? The answer is simple. No student should ever have to pay to access high-quality learning resources, otherwise your chances of passing the DPS Alabama test would be directly tied to the contents of your wallet. Consequently, the DMV have made their official permit book available to all aspiring drivers, whether you live in Huntsville, Montgomery or Birmingham.

This comprehensive Alabama DMV manual is by far the best study aid around, precisely because it is made by the Department of Public safety. This is the organization that writes the exam you’ll be sitting, so there is no chance anything in their study guide will be inaccurate or outdated as is the case with so many unofficial books. You’ll be pleased to know that there is not just one version of the Alabama drivers license book – there are three! That is one for commercial driving students, one for motorcycle driving students and a third for regular drivers. This means you will not have to sift through tons of irrelevant material to get to the stuff you need, because your Alabama permit test study guide is perfectly tailored to the permit test DPS exam you’re taking.

There are some chapters which will feature in all three versions of the Alabama DMV handbook, and others that will only apply to the type of exam you’re taking. So, it is important to ensure you download the correct version of the DPS booklet or you might get off on the wrong foot! The general information which will appear in all three editions of the driving manual will cover knowledge that every road user must understand, such as vehicle control, driving laws, rules of the road and road signs.

If you are a commercial driving student, your Alabama learners permit book will contain some additional general knowledge which is specific to commercial drivers, such as the importance of vehicle inspection and basic hazardous material rules. There are also sections in this guide relating exclusively to each Alabama DMV test for license endorsements, so if this is what you’re studying for you can skip straight there! The Alabama drivers manual for motorcycle learners will focus quite heavily on defensive driving tactics and safe driving practices, as these skills are particularly important for motorcyclists. Also common among the three versions of the Alabama permit test book are the chapters relating to useful knowledge. These details include paperwork requirements and guidance on how to renew your license – you will not need to memorize this information for your DPS written test.

Very rarely will you find any permit test practice questions in your Alabama drivers book; this is the only area we feel the guide may be lacking. Fortunately, you can use a free DMV permit practice test for Alabama from our website whenever you want to test your new knowledge with some DMV test questions! We have at least one quiz for every 2021 DPS test – you’re sure to find what you need. Get your copy of the handbook and get studying!

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