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Are you looking for a 2020 CDL practice test that is suitable for commercial driving students from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or anywhere else in Wisconsin? We’ve got exactly what you need! On this website you will find every possible quiz you could want to prepare for the DOT written examinations which you’ll need to pass in order to secure your commercial driving learners permit. Let us tell you a bit more about the process, then you can get started with this CDL general knowledge practice test for Wisconsin!

The CDL general knowledge test is the largest written exam you will need to take; it features 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” questions drawing on all aspects of commercial driving general knowledge. At this stage you might be wondering if your preferred career path has any bearing on which WI CDL general knowledge exam you will need to take, we’ll we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t! This particular exam focuses purely on material that is relevant to all classes of commercial driving student, so whether you want to drive a taxi or a flat-bed truck, you’ll have to pass the same CDL general knowledge test. As there is no difference in the written exam for Class C, Class B or Class A drivers licenses, our purpose-built DMV practice permit test for Wisconsin applies to all three classes as well.

That being said, there is usually some difference in the other written tests that commercial driving students need to take, depending on what type of vehicle they ultimately want to drive. The other tests we are referring to are the endorsement exams; these are far less extensive than the DMV general knowledge test and you will select which tests you want to take, based on your chosen career path. If you’re aiming to drive medium-sized or large commercial vehicles that fall into either the Class B or Class A category, you will have to take either one or two compulsory endorsement exams.

At Class C, there are no mandatory endorsements, though you may still need to take one in order to become a fully-qualified commercial driver. Again, this depends what you want to do! For instance, if you wanted to be a taxi driver you would have to obtain a Passenger endorsement. As and when you get to this point, we have an appropriate DMV CDL practice test for Wisconsin on this website, which you can use to help you prepare. There are not any endorsement-related questions on this WI CDL practice test, as it has been constructed exclusively to help you pass the general knowledge exam.

This Wisconsin DMV practice test for 2020 will assess your knowledge on all the key topics in the CDL general knowledge study guide; we’ll be looking at basic vehicle control, vehicle inspection, road signs and rules, seasonal driving conditions, shifting gears, emergency procedures and much more! The questions we’ve used are all 100 percent legitimate and similar to those you can expect to face on the real exam, however we’ve shortened our quiz to include just 20 fixed, multiple-choice questions. This makes our DMV permit practice test a nice, gentle introduction to CDL practice tests for students who are new to the process! We’ve even added some extra guidance tools and useful images to this quiz to help you along your way.

As this Wisconsin CDL general knowledge practice test is completely free, we suggest you keep using it until you can comfortably score over 80 percent every time. Then you might want to try our CDL general knowledge cheat sheet!