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Do not attempt to cheat on your WV motorcycle permit test!  Sounds strange, coming from a page with a permit test cheat sheet posted on it, doesn't it?  It may sound strange to you right now, but we believe that a DMV cheat sheet should not be used as means of cheating on the motorcycle permit test, since its primary design was to server as a comprehensive study tool that can help you prepare for the knowledge test!  Most users believe that they can simply download a pdf file with a WV motorcycle DMV cheat sheet to their iPhone (or print it out), take it into the DMV office and then simply copy all of the answers from that cheat sheet into the DMV computer.  Seriously, it does not work that way.  There is no way of telling what questions you will get at the DMV (there is quite a variety of different exam papers available), you don't have the time to search your phone for the questions you'll get and finally, the clerks will not allow you to do that!  The motorcycle learners permit test in West Virginia is not an open book exam, you cannot use your iPhone, some dodgy print out or the drivers manual during the exam - the moment you are observed doing that, you are escorted out of the DMV office (do we even need to mention that your exam is marked as failed?)!  Besides, finding the right cheat sheet, purchasing it and then devising a devious plan on using it certainly takes more time than preparing for the motorcycle learners permit test itself!

For the reasons stated above, we have designed our 2019 West Virginia motorcycle permit test cheat sheet in the form of an awesome practice permit test, a practice test that mimics the real exam, yet offers you with the convenience of being able to use integrated study aids to help you answer any difficult question!  This DMV cheat sheet has adopted all of the great features you have already had a chance to play with while working on regular motorcycle practice tests!  First, it provides you with immediate feedback throughout the entire test - the DMV cheat sheet grades you as you go, you don't have to finish all 25 questions just to find out what questions you have missed.  Whenever you make a mistake, the motorcycle practice test provides you with the correct answer, along with a detailed explanation for that answer to help you memorize the question faster! This means you don't have to keep checking the learners permit study guide for this information - everything you need is right here in front of you!

Here is something new about this free WV motorcycle DMV cheat sheet, something different from regular practice permit tests.  A regular exam operates with a fixed list of questions that do not change no matter how many times you take the quiz.  The order of questions may be shuffled, rotates, questions may be switched around - but they are still the same 20  questions!  The motorcycle permit test cheat sheet works in an entirely different way!  It is hooked up to a question bank that contains over 200 WV motorcycle permit test answers and it draws upon this knowledge base to provide you with a new unique sample exam every time you sign in.  Works especially well for those who get bored easily and cannot stand having to do the same questions over and over again!

Now to the fun part - integrated study aids!  The WV DMV motorcycle test cheat sheet currently has two study tools to help you tackle difficult questions - hints and the 50/50 button.  Hints are pretty much self-explanatory and consist of additional information about the question that, when used together with the question itself, help you decipher the correct answer.  We suggest that you always make this option your first choice when you find yourself stuck.  The 50/50 button was designed to address the situation when you cannot pick between two similar answers without outside help.  Clicking on the button masks two incorrect answers from the screen, helping you make that choice!  Use this option only as your last resort!

Got a question you would like to add to this free West Virginia DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet (WV) 2019?  Just drop it into the comment box, we'll be happy to research it for you and add it to the knowledge base with the next database update!