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Any person wishing to ride a motorcycle must pass a general knowledge DMV permit test, just as they would need to when learning to drive a car. Here on ePermitTest.com, we are committed to providing resources to help learner drivers such as yourself study for and pass the DMV motorcycle test. If you have decided to take the West Virginia motorcycle permit test in Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington or elsewhere, you will need a copy of the motorcycle permit book and the 2020 DMV practice test on this page. Together, our WV DMV practice permit test and the motorcycle handbook provide everything you will need to get ready for the exam.

The importance of using study materials which are specifically designed to accompany the West Virginia motorcycle test really cannot be overstated. Despite being the same length, the car driver’s permit test and the WV motorcycle license test deal with entirely different information. Rest assured that the motorcycle practice test for West Virginia learners you have found on this page only contains material relating to the motorcycle assessment, so it will not lead your studies astray. The difference in content between the car driver’s permit test and the motorcycle DMV test can largely be attributed to the greater level of risk which motorcyclists face on our roads. Riding a motorcycle will always be infinitely harder and more dangerous than driving a car, so you must learn how to keep yourself safe. This WV DMV practice test 2020 quiz focuses on the exact same motorcycle test topics as the real motorcycle test, all of which you will read about in the DMV handbook. These include defensive driving skills, accident evasion techniques, learning how to form safe habits, keeping yourself visible on the road, maintaining space around your motorcycle, helmet laws and passenger safety. Each of these core subjects will be represented to some degree during the West Virginia motorcycle written test, though we cannot say precisely how many questions will be dedicated to each.

When an applicant sits the exam for a motorcycle permit in West Virginia, they will be presented with a computerized multiple-choice test paper featuring 25 motorcycle test questions. To leave the DMV test center as a qualified permit or endorsement holder, the participating student must answer no less than 20 of these questions correctly. Our DMV written test practice quiz has the same number of questions and pass requirement as the real DMV test. Keep in mind that the only way to ensure you can pass the motorcycle permit test is to study all material in the permit book thoroughly, as there is no way to know which aspects of it will be addressed in the randomly generated test. Our DMV practice permit test WV quiz can help you prepare but it cannot impart the same in-depth knowledge as the motorcycle manual. To stand a good chance of passing the exam, you should use both resources side by side. Many students do not realize that the motorcycle test in West Virginia is actually harder to pass than the ordinary permit test, which only requires 19 out of 25 questions answered correctly. Take your studies seriously in the run up to the motorcycle written test, as cutting corners will likely result in a fail at the DMV test office.

You are free to refer to your permit test study guide as much as you like while working through this practice motorcycle permit test for West Virginia learners, as it has been built to ease you into the permit test practice process gently. You may also wish to take advantage of our ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’ lifelines which can be used to simplify any question!