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Stress always accompanies exams and the WV motorcycle learners permit test is no exception - it's hard not to feel stressed when you know that the fate of your drivers license depends on these 25 multiple choice questions.  Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the DMV and going in prepared for the challenge, knowing what you are about to face and your chances of successfully passing the exam on your first try is one of the obvious ones.  This free West Virginia motorcycle permit test Simulator will help you do just that - experience the real exam in a low-stress environment and help you gauge the odds of being awarded a motorcycle drivers permit!

The WV motorcycle learners permit test Simulator was created as a carbon-copy of the real exam and it mirrors the real DMV permit test to the smallest detail.  It follows the same format the real exam does and presents you with 25 questions that cover a broad range of West Virginia road signs and driving rules.  Traffic signals, pavement markings, lane positioning, highway driving, defensive driving techniques, legal blood alcohol content limits, cell phone restrictions, fines and penalties - it's all right there!  If the real motorcycle drivers permit test covers the topic, you can count on this practice permit test to have questions on the same subject too!  All of the WV motorcycle permit test questions are multiple choice and true or false - the same format this practice quiz uses!  For multiple choice questions, three or four answers are provided for any question, only one of them being correct.  The Simulator provides continuous feedback throughout the entire exam and grades your learners permit practice test on the fly, you are alerted to any mistake you make the instant it takes place! Don't bother with taking these questions down at this point, there will be time for that once you finish the entire exam, the motorcycle learners permit test Simulator will present you with a detailed list of all the questions you have missed!

You might have already noticed that this 2019 WV motorcycle driving permit practice test is missing the study aids you might have gotten used to while working on regular sample exams.  The reason why these study aids have been disabled is extremely simply - you are not going to have any help from the clerks while taking the real permit test and you won't have access to any study materials, the motorcycle DMV written test is not an open-book exam and you are expected to rely only on what you have learned previously.  For this very reason, we recommend that you refrain from using the West Virginia drivers manual while working on this motorcycle practice test and cover up any DMV cheat sheets you may have lying around on your desk.

How do you interpret results for this online motorcycle learners permit practice test?  It's easy!  The real West Virginia motorcycle permit test has 25 questions and missing more than 6 of them will see you fail the exam.  This adds up to the passing score a little over 75%, but this is definitely not what you should be aiming at while working on the Simulator.  Remember, this is a practice test, you've got plenty of time and there is no reason not to play it safe!  We advise that you get your grades up to at least 90% before you attempt the real DMV permit test, that's no less than 23 correct answers every time you take this WV practice permit test!  We know this may seem like an overkill to you right now, but you will thank us later, when you walk out of that DMV office with a big smile on your face and a motorcycle learners permit in your back pocket!

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