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If you think that downloading a Rhode Island driving test questions and answers PDF is your best option for assessing what you know about rules of the road and road signs, we’re glad you have landed on our website. This page houses one of several interactive DMV test practice quizzes we have built to support your work with the driver’s ed study material. It contains a great selection of real permit test questions and answers, is 100 percent free to use and – unlike a PDF - will provide feedback based on your responses. What we are offering here is a million times more effective than a downloadable list of RI driving test questions, as it can help you fix problem areas in your knowledge and learn from mistakes as you make them. If you have not yet accrued much experience in using what you have learned to answer permit test questions, we recommend starting with the Rhode Island driver’s license practice test on this page.

Jumping straight into using a full-length RI driving test practice quiz can be an overwhelming prospect for new learners, which is why we have cut the number of questions on this introductory quiz down by one third, as compared to the real-life exam. On the actual DMV permit test in Rhode Island you will be asked to answer 30 questions and get at least 24 of them right, whereas here you will be asked to provide 16 correct permit test answers from 20 questions. In case you hadn’t noticed, the percentage score for a pass to be awarded is the same on both tests; even though our 2020 DMV practice test for RI drivers is shorter than the real thing, it is just as challenging. Fortunately, this quiz is available for unlimited access and the questions it contains will not change no matter how many times you activate it, so you can take as many attempts as necessary to answer every question correctly.

Take note of the instant feedback provided whenever you answer a question on this Rhode Island driving practice test incorrectly and you will soon notice substantial improvements in your score. Beside the multiple-choice answer you should have chosen, a short comment will appear with some more information about the topic which should help you to choose correctly in future. If you find that you continue to struggle with certain aspects of the study material even when you have taken this feedback on board, it would be wise to look up the appropriate information in the permit test study guide and spend some time going over that topic in more detail.

No matter how highly you score during your first couple of attempts at this drivers permit practice test RI quiz, remember that you will need to read all the relevant material in the permit book at least once, if you hope to be ready for anything the exam throws at you. The questions on the real permit test will be randomly drawn from a large database when you sit the assessment, making it impossible to predict which topics you will be asked about. Earning a passing grade on this Rhode Island practice driving test first-time around does not mean you are ready to take on the real permit test, it simply means you have been fortunate with the questions that came up. Built using nothing but accurate and up-to-date information from the Rhode Island permit test study guide, this DMV practice permit test is guaranteed to be suitable for learners from Providence, Newport, Warwick and every other city in the state. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!