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Are you studying to take the theory driving test in Rhode Island? Once that DMV written test is out of the way, you can start learning to drive with the supervision of a licensed adult. Then the only thing standing between you and a full driver’s license is the practical driving exam! That may seem a long way off at the moment, but rest assured that the RI DMV practice permit test quizzes we provide here on ePermitTest.com can get you through the theory exam quickly and with minimal stress. If you are relatively new to the process and have not yet tried to answer any Rhode Island drivers license test questions, start with the DMV learners permit practice test on this page.

Despite there being 30 questions on the real RI driving test, this quiz contains just 20. While there are some DMV test practice quizzes elsewhere on our website which are based around 30 questions like the actual exam, we created several introductory 20-question quizzes to give busier and less-experienced students a more convenient and less intimidating method of self-assessment. When you can comfortably score a passing grade of 16 correct permit test answers or above on this handy five-minute quiz, take our 30-question DMV cheat sheet for a spin to try something a little more comprehensive. You may also have noticed a road sign-specific 2020 DMV practice test for Rhode Island drivers among our collection of quizzes; that test is designed for learner drivers who need some extra help with their road sign and road marking recollection.

The percentage passing grade on this 2020 practice permit test RI quiz is 80 percent, which means that even though it is shorter than the real assessment it is every bit as difficult to pass. However, we do offer feedback throughout the quiz whenever mistakes are made, a service that will not be available to you during the real permit test. The feedback provided is usually a brief and easy-to-understand hint or tip accompanying the answer you should have chosen, making it easier to answer questions which target similar information correctly when you next encounter them. While these extra insights provided on the DMV permit practice test can often fix problems without you having to return to the permit book, it is important to realize that our resources can never replace the official study material and that you will need to read all relevant sections of the guide thoroughly.

Our built-in progress tracker will be visibly throughout the quiz, displaying your current score and how much of the test you have left to complete. When all the practice permit test Rhode Island questions have been answered, our leader board will show you the finish-time and scores of the top performing students in state to give you something to aim for next time around. The finish-time itself is not important as we do not impose a time-limit on the quiz, though it can serve as a useful tool to gauge your progress. With each new round and as your confidence with the test topics improves, you should find your finish-time is a little lower.

Just like the real DMV permit test, our RI DMV practice test 2020 quiz contains a wealth of brilliant images and a variety of different questions-styles, all with two or more possible answers. It makes an enjoyable study tool and a fun way to pass the time in general! Why not take your first shot at the quiz right now and see for yourself?