Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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If you are taking the motorcycle knowledge test in Pennsylvania, consider yourself lucky.  The PA motorcycle drivers permit test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and it's rather modest, quite below the nationwide permit test average of 32 questions and lagging far behind Michigan, Florida and some other states that conduct massive exams that contain 50 questions on road signs and traffic rules.  Mind you, it's not always about the number of questions and the fact that the written test in PA is small doesn't make it any less difficult if you choose not to study.  You need to answer no less than 20 questions correctly to pass to the exam and this can only be achieved if you invest time and attention into studying the rules of the road!

Our sample motorcycle permit test is here to help you identify any weaknesses you may not be aware of, to show you what chances you have of passing the real exam and to land you a hand in learning the essentials.  The Simulator is structured after the real exam, it presents you with 18 multiple choice questions every time you take it.  Unlike regular PA motorcycle permit practice tests you might have taken previously, the Simulator does not use a fixed set of question and chooses them randomly from a large knowledge base instead.  Every time you begin the quiz, the system queries the knowledge base with over 100 sample motorcycle permit test questions and answers and builds a unique practice exam for you in the matter of seconds!  This approach has its limitations, i.e. you will not be able to repeat the same quiz twice, but the opportunities it provides you with are really limitless!  Being able to work on the practice test with such a large knowledge base is very much similar to having access to hundreds of different practice permit tests, all gathered at a single page!  However, if being able to take the same quiz over and over again is what you're after, simply choose one of the regular motorcycle learners permit practice tests we have on the website!

Just like with the real exam, you need to answer no less than 15 questions correctly to pass this online PA motorcycle permit test Simulator.  Remember that this is your bare minimum and you need to aim higher.  Use the following system while working on the permit test Simulator:

  • 17-18 correct answers - you are in the zone and have a very good chance of passing the real exam
  • 14-16 correct answers - not bad, but you should continue working on the practice quiz until your grade improves
  • 13 correct answers or less - switch to using regular motorcycle permit practice tests and revisit the Simulator once you've mastered regular exams

Keep in mind - this is just a recommended approach and you don't necessarily have to follow it.  Do whatever works best for you!

You might have noticed that this 2019 Pennsylvania motorcycle DMV permit test Simulator does not have any study aids.  The reason behind this is quite simple - you will not have access to any outside materials while taking the real knowledge test, the quiz at the PennDOT is not an open-book exam and we want you to get used to the idea from the start.  However, if you are not happy with your grades and are looking for ways to improve them, there is no better way to do that than reading the official Pennsylvania motorcycle drivers manual, the same book the real test is based upon.  The permit test booklet is provided by the PennDOT absolutely free of charge, you can download a pdf file off the DMV website and print it out or save it to your smartphone (we prefer reading the actual printed copy, but that's just us).  The book is well-structured and you won't have any issues finding the things that you need.  Just go over the manual once, take this permit practice test and watch your grades improve!

Remember, practice and persistence always work!  Keep practicing on this free Pennsylvania motorcycle permit test (PA) Simulator 2019 and good luck at your local PennDOT office!