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Prospective motorcyclists from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and elsewhere in Pennsylvania cannot start learning to drive a motorcycle on public roads until they have successfully passed the PennDOT motorcycle test. Just like people learning to drive cars, new motorcycle learners must demonstrate their knowledge of essential theory topics during a general knowledge exam. The DMV permit practice test for PA residents on this page has been specifically designed to help motorcycle permit applicants prepare for that written exam. The only other resource you will need to accompany this PennDOT PA practice test, is a 2020 copy of the official motorcycle handbook.

The PA motorcycle handbook and this DMV practice written test are a match made in heaven. Reading the handbook will give you the detailed information you must learn in relation to motorcycle safety and road rules, while working with our PA motorcycle practice test will give you the opportunity to apply that information. While many students fail to pass the PennDOT written test first time around, you can stroll into the DMV test office feeling 100% confident in your ability to nail it. To get the best results from using this PennDOT learners permit practice test for PA students, we recommend completing it a couple of times following each chapter of the permit test study guide. This will allow you to use the information you have learned while it is still fresh in your mind, while giving you the chance to beat your previous score on the Pennsylvania motorcycle license practice test.

If you are expecting the motorcycle learners permit test in Pennsylvania to be exactly like the car driver’s DMV permit test, you might be in for a surprise. The PA motorcycle permit test is longer than the ordinary general knowledge exam, featuring a total of 25 motorcycle test questions. To earn a pass and leave the exam center with a temporary learner’s permit in hand, you must provide at least 20 correct permit test answers. Despite the questions being multiple-choice, this is not going to be easy. The motorcycle test deals with complex safety issues such as accident evasion, braking techniques, helmet laws, passenger rules, defensive driving techniques and managing space on the road around your motorcycle. Furthermore, the questions themselves are designed to be tricky, to make sure the only people who pass are those who understand the material properly. Working through the questions on this PA PennDOT permit practice test will show you what we mean by this. You will notice that many of the questions are listed alongside permit test answers that are very similar. Only through regular study of the permit book and repeat attempts at our DMV test practice quiz will you be able to separate the truth from the incorrect answers.

This PennDOT practice permit test has been programmed to help you find the correct answers if you end up in a situation where none of the available options seem to fit the question. As we want you to have a go at answering the questions yourself, these tools must be activated using the support buttons to the side of the question. Otherwise, you are free to try and find the correct answer on your own. If you feel you would benefit from more information, clicking the PA DMV practice tests ‘hint’ feature can help, by bringing up a brief clue about the question and topic. When you get really stuck, use the ‘50/50’ option to rule out half the incorrect answers from the multiple-choice selection. You may also choose to refer to the DMV motorcycle handbook while working on the quiz, but keep in mind that you will not be permitted to do this at the PennDOT exam center!