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This may sound strange, coming from a page with a live motorcycle permit test cheat sheet on it, but we do not recommend cheating on the permit test, for a number of reasons.  Most of the students who intend to use a free Oklahoma motorcycle permit test cheat sheet to pull a number on the DMV don't really think the whole thing through and have a very vague idea of how it is going to work out.  Take a typical scenario - you download a free DMV cheat sheet or purchase one from a commercial driving school.  You either load a PDF file with the cheat sheet to your iPhone or print it out and then take it into the DPS office when you go in to take your motorcycle drivers license test.  What's next?  How do you intend to use it?  The Oklahoma motorcycle learners permit test is not an open book exam, you cannot simply pull out your smartphone and start browsing through questions on the cheat sheet, hoping to find the ones that were posted onto the test computer screen.  In fact, if you are observed as much as peeking at your iPhone during the exam, you are failed and sent home empty-handed.  Using a print out of motorcycle permit test questions and answers will lead to the same result - you simply won't be able to use it during the test.  This is why we believe that a good permit test cheat sheet works as a study tool and you must use it to prepare for the real exam before you find yourself in front of the DMV computer and our 2019 Oklahoma motorcycle learners permit test cheat sheet reflects this idea!

For our free cheat sheet, we have chosen the format of the practice permit test, but this motorcycle practice test is like no other exam on the site.  For starters, it is shaped just like the real permit test at the DPS office - 25 multiple choice questions that cover a broad range of driving rules and Oklahoma road signs.  However, don't let this number fool you - these 25 questions will change every time you access the page!  Our motorcycle drivers permit test cheat sheet is connected to the knowledge base that sports over 200 Oklahoma motorcycle permit test questions and answers and it draws upon this knowledge base to provide you with unique practice tests every time!  Whenever you sign into the DMV cheat sheet, the system chooses 25 random questions from the question bank, shuffles them around and provides you with a custom motorcycle drivers practice test that is highly unlikely to be repeated ever again!  Keep this in mind, as you will not be able to repeat the same practice test twice (if you want to practice with the help of exams that present the same set of questions every time, simply switch to using our regular practice permit tests).  This approach is very similar to the one utilized by the 2019 motorcycle permit test Simulator, but unlike the Simulator, the cheat sheet is loaded with study aids to help you find your way out of any trouble!  If you encounter a question you cannot answer off the top of your head (and you are bound to see more than a few questions like that during the exam), don't rush with choosing a random answer and hoping for the best, use integrated study aids instead! At the moment, our Oklahoma motorcycle DMV cheat sheet can offer you two types of study aids - hints and the 50/50 option.  Clicking on the "hint" button should always be your first choice - this will bring up additional information about the question, the information you can use to decipher the right answer.  If the hint you receive is too vague, you can use the 50/50 button to mask two incorrect answers on the screen, this will leave you with a simple choice of picking the right answer among the remaining two options.  Don't be shy about using these study aids whenever you find yourself confronted by a hard question you can't answer!

Finally, we recommend that you keep a copy of the 2019 Oklahoma motorcycle drivers manual by your hand as you are working on this practice permit test.  The book is loaded with useful information and it is the ultimate permit test study guide, don't ignore it just because it's free!  The drivers manual has answers to all of the sample questions you see on this free Oklahoma permit test cheat sheet and, what's even better, the entire motorcycle permit test is based exclusively on the information you see in the book!

Enjoy studying this free Oklahoma DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet 2019!  Play fair and win!