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Preparing for the Oklahoma motorcycle permit test is not just about learning a bunch of questions on traffic rules and road signs.  In order to maximize your chances of passing the exam the first time, you must prepare for the overall DMV experience - know what to expect when you arrive at the office, remaining calm and confident throughout the exam, not losing your focus while answering a substantial number of questions (if you did not know how many questions are on the Oklahoma motorcycle drivers license test, the answer is 25).  Even those who study for the test and spend countless hours reading the motorcycle drivers manual fail the exam occasionally due to stress, lack of sleep and not being prepared for the challenge.  Our 2019 motorcycle learners permit test Simulator was designed to recreate the DMV experience and help you determine your chances of passing the exam on your first visit to your local DMV office!

This massive Oklahoma motorcycle practice permit test consists of 25 multiple choice questions that cover the entire span of driving rules, traffic laws and road signs.  The practice test is really as comprehensive as it can be and we can guarantee that there is no important driving rule that is not covered by the Simulator.  To keep the exam balanced and avoid any bias, the Simulator does not operate with a fixed set of questions and utilizes its connection to a vast knowledge base of motorcycle permit test questions and answers that has more than 200 samples today (and we keep adding new ones every month!).   Whenever you begin the exam, the Simulator chooses 25 random DMV questions from the question bank and builds  a unique custom motorcycle practice test just for you!  When you retake the exam, the process is repeated again and you end up with a new sample quiz!  This is why it is so important that you take the motorcycle permit practice test at least twice and use your average grade to get a good reliable estimate of your current skill. When it comes to interpreting your grades, we recommend that you use the following approach.

The passing score for the real Oklahoma DMV motorcycle permit test is 80% - you must answer no less than 20 questions correctly out of the total of 25 questions.  Having said that, we want to remind you that this is you bare passing minimum and by no means should you use it as a goal for this or any other practice permit test on the website.  When it comes to taking Oklahoma motorcycle practice permit tests, we suggest that you aim significantly higher and never stop working on the exam until your grade reaches 90% (and if you've got the time, why not go for the perfect score?).    You should apply the same method to this practice motorcycle DMV written test and not go into the office until you can consistently answer 23 or more questions correctly.  If you keep answering more than 20 questions correctly, but can't seem to hit 90% yet, we suggest that you switch to using our Oklahoma motorcycle permit test cheat sheet, a learners permit practice test that is structured just like the Simulator, yet offers you access to convenient study aids that will help you learn at a faster pace! 

Can't answer 20 Oklahoma motorcycle permit test questions correctly?  Don't stress and do not stop studying, this is the worst thing you can possibly do!   Simply change your approach and start working on regular sample quizzes, begin with the very first free Oklahoma motorcycle practice permit test you see on the screen and work your way back up to the Simulator!  Your skills will develop as the difficulty of these motorcycle practice tests rises and by the time you arrive at this page again, there won't be an Oklahoma motorcycle permit test question you can't answer!  Enjoy our online Oklahoma permit test Simulator 2019 and don't forget to share it with friends on social networks!