Are you studying for DMV learners permit test in North Carolina? Well, we’ve got some news for you! You can make your life a whole lot easier and be ready to sit your written exam faster, if you base your studies around the NC driver’s manual for 2021. Don’t jump the gun and go straight to using a DMV written practice test, or waste money on an unofficial study guide – these tools can be useful but they will not get you very far unless you have also read the NC DMV manual which accompanies your desired license category. We’re not kidding, whether you’re going for your motorcycle permit, a regular driving license or a commercial driving license, there is a North Carolina drivers manual which specifically targets your DMV written test.

Other study guides may be poorly produced, difficult to understand or not up-to-dated to suit the current DMV test for 2021 – why take the chance? Especially when the official drivers handbook produced by the DMV is completely free! That’s right. You can go over to the DMV website and download a PDF version of the North Carolina permit test study guide right now, without parting with a cent of your hard-earned cash. Don’t believe us? Go see for yourself! There will be three different versions of the drivers manual, which individually target motorcycle learners, regular drivers and commercial driving students, so you’ll know straight away which edition you need! You can take your digital copy of the DMV study guide for North Carolina anywhere and everywhere with convenience, as it will always be to hand on your smart-phone or tablet.

Before you rush to get your hands on the NC driver manual for 2021, let us tell you a bit more about what you can expect when you read it. You probably will not be surprised to find out there are some similarities across the three different books, as some information is relevant to every DMV permit test. These are subjects that every driver must be familiar with such as general road rules, road sign meanings, safe driving habits, signalling, spotting hazards, space management and communicating with other road users. If you’re looking to take your regular or motorcycle permit test, or the CDL general knowledge permit test, you will need to study these chapters in your NC DMV manual.

However, if you are a commercial driver who has already passed the CDL general knowledge permit test and are using the North Carolina drivers handbook to study for an endorsement exam, you will not need to study these general knowledge sections. Instead, you can use the contents page in your manual to navigate directly to the chapter which relates to your chosen endorsement!

Everything in your official DMV booklet will be explained in clear, straight-forward language and supported by images and diagrams where needed. You may even find some sample DMV test questions in each chapter to give you an idea of what to expect during the actual DMV NC permit test. This type of permit test practice makes for excellent final preparation for your exam.

When you’re done with whatever questions have been provided in the NC driver’s license manual, you should move on to using a 2021 DMV practice test to continue your training with fresh questions. You’ll find a wide range of these quizzes right here on! We offer a free drivers permit practice test for motorcycle, commercial and regular driving students, so there is something for everybody. Go get your drivers manual now – then see what you’re up against with one of our free DMV quizzes!

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