If you’re trying to find out what the best way to prepare for your NC CDL permit test is, we’ve got the answer. You’ve probably already noticed that there are dozens of different resources aimed at student commercial drivers online, so choosing the most efficient study program can seem confusing – but it’s actually quite straight forward. Before you do anything else, you should make your mind up to read the NC DMV handbook for 2021. The Department of Motor Vehicles compiles and publishes this comprehensive guide so that commercial driving students can have access to all the knowledge they need for their exams, all within one book. If you’re taking any North Carolina DMV written test associated with the commercial drivers license, you can be certain you’ll find what you need in the CDL drivers handbook.

Getting your hands on a copy of the NC driver’s handbook is easier than you may think! Using a digital copy is generally advisable as it allows you to fit in extra DMV permit test study time while you’re travelling or on your breaks at work, without having to drag a huge hard-copy manual around with you. You can download a free PDF copy of the NC driver handbook for commercial learners to your laptop, smart phone or tablet by popping over to the DMV website. Not only is this the best study guide around, it’s completely free!

So what information will you find in your new CDL DMV handbook? Firstly, there is a lot of stuff you can skip over if you’re using the guide exclusively to prepare for a North Carolina DMV test. It will be immediately obvious which sections we’re referring to when you scan through the contents pages at the start. Several chapters are dedicated to useful information about different license types, paperwork requirements, procedures for lost licenses, renewal and insurance polices and so on. You’ll be glad you have all these details in one place when you need them in future, but you’re not going to need them for any of the exams.

If you’re taking the CDL general knowledge DMV test for 2021, you should turn your attention to chapters in the NC driver’s manual which focus on essential knowledge for all commercial drivers. If it’s not specific to a type of vehicle, or a certain commercial driving occupation, it is likely to appear on the 50-question general knowledge NC permit test. These are issues like vehicle control, space management, vehicle inspection, road rules and road sign meanings – you should easily be able to find your way to the relevant chapters from the contents section of your NC drivers handbook. If you’ve dealt with the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test for North Carolina already and are looking to study for an endorsement qualification such as Tanker Vehicles, School Bus, Passenger or HazMat, you can skip everything else and move straight to the relevant chapter.

There may be a few sample DMV test questions in each chapter, to give you an idea of the way the questions will be phrased during the written test. These can be helpful but there tend not to be very many of them, if any at all. Fortunately, you can use a DMV practice permit test for North Carolina from ePermitTest.com as a source of practice questions to prepare you for the real thing! We have a NC permit practice test for every endorsement, including those mentioned above, plus Combination Vehicles and Air Brake. And of course, several levels of NC DMV practice test for the general knowledge exam. Download your NC DMV drivers handbook for 2021 today and test your knowledge with one of our free quizzes!

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