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There is absolutely nothing we love better than creating new practice permit tests for you!  This is why we are so excited to present you with this free Nevada practice permit test on traffic signals and traffic lights!  Fresh from the oven, loaded with sample knowledge test questions on traffic control devices, guaranteed to take you one step closer to obtaining that learners permit you always wanted!  And don't you think that this DMV permit practice test is for beginners only - experienced drivers will find it useful too!  Don't waste any more time, take the practice quiz right now!

We assume (and yes, we know what they say about "assuming") that you have read the drivers handbook before you started taking practice tests.  If you have not done so, now is a great time to take a break from studying permit test questions and spend a little time going through the book.  Don't worry, there is not that many pages you will need to read for our traffic signals practice test - the drivers manual has just 6 pages dedicated to road signs, traffic lights and pavement markings, so it shouldn't take you more than 5-10 minutes to cover all of them.  Pages 24-29 of the 2020 Nevada drivers handbook is what you are after (just in case you haven't noticed, you can read the book without leaving the website and then come back to taking the quiz!). 

We believe that traffic signals is probably one of the simplest topics covered by the learners permit test, yet it is no less important than any other and there is absolutely no reason not to study them before you go into the DMV office for your permit test appointment.  The fact that the whole concept of traffic signals seems to be so simple throws quite a few people off and they fail to appreciate those small intricacies and that's exactly what the DMV will shoot for during the exam.   We know that you know what to do when you see a steady red signal, but do you know what a flashing red signal stands for?  Are you allowed to make a left turn under the red signal?  What about making a right turn?  How do you treat a traffic light that is not working?  What do you do when the traffic light is red, yet a police officer is waiving you to go?  These are the kinds of questions you can expect on your DMV permit test and don't worry if you could not answer each and every one of them, this is what this free Nevada practice permit test is for, to teach you everything there is to know about traffic lights and ensure you can answer every permit test question correctly, no matter how tricky it is!  

How do you work this online practice permit test for Nevada?  Easy!  The practice test presents you with twenty multiple choice questions every time.  Questions are displayed one by one, just like during the real drivers permit exam.  Only one of the provided answers is correct, even though it may seem otherwise at times.  Never rush through the test and never select the first answer that seems to be correct, make sure to read through each and every answer and always choose the one that fits best. The practice permit test will be graded as you go through these sample questions and the correct answer will be displayed whenever you make a mistake.  You can note these questions now or when you finish the whole exam, as you will get a chance to review all of the questions you've missed on the page with your results. 

How long should you study this free Nevada permit practice test?  It's not really about the time, it is about the grade you can achieve.  Just like with other drivers license practice tests on the website, we recommend that you keep working on this sample exam until you can score no less than 90% each and every time you take it, that's 18 correct answers.  Be sure to take the practice test at least a few times, even if you score high the first time, as this practice quiz changes questions every time and you want to be sure you cover as many different 2020 Nevada DMV written test questions and answers as possible!