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There are hundreds of different ways to prepare for the 2020 Nevada permit test and who's to say which one is the best?  We believe that there is no single "one size fits all" solution, different students study in different ways and we try to accommodate these differences in learning processes in our permit test study tools.  Please welcome, the last word in the science of preparing for the DMV exam, a free Nevada DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020!  Hundreds of permit test questions and answers in the easy-to-use form of a practice permit test!

That's right, you have not misread, our online Nevada DMV cheat sheet is really a DMV practice test.  But it's not just any practice quiz, it's the ultimate study tool designed to help you prepare for the drivers license test as quickly and efficiently as possible.  When compared to the world of Star Wars, this is the Death Star of all practice permit tests - other practice quizzes have no chance against it!  Tailored to the format of the real drivers permit test, the DMV cheat sheet presents you with 50 multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules.  Passing and turning, parking on hills and in the city, sharing the road with motorcycles, bicyclists, trucks and emergency vehicles, railroad crossings, the right-of-way rules,  the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability and countless road signs with awesome images - these are just some of the topics covered by this free Nevada permit test cheat sheet!  If it's on the real DMV test, it's going to be on this cheat sheet too, you can count on it!  We have collected and developed over 500 sample questions and we use this vast knowledge base to custom-build a unique DMV practice test for you every time you log into this page!  That's right, a unique DMV practice test every time!  Does it get any better than this?

Well, it does!  Great questions, immediate feedback, detailed explanations of driving rules - all these things are just part of the story!  What makes this free Nevada DMV cheat sheet unique and different from the permit test simulator is the self-help section with tools that will help you answer virtually any knowledge test question!  Forget about having to pick a random option every time you couldn't answer a question correctly, those days are over!  Make  educated choices by using study aids, or "DMV cheats", as we prefer to call them!  Whenever you hit a question you can't answer, request assistance by clicking on the HINT or 50/50 buttons!  Hints are additional snippets of information that will steer you towards the right answer without giving it away.  The 50/50 option is much more blatant - clicking on the button immediately removes two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a much simplified choice!  

Before we leave you to this DMV practice test, we wanted to warn you against one mistake, the mistake of actually trying to cheat during the real DMV permit test.  Some students believe that it is easier to just download a pdf file with a Nevada DMV cheat sheet to their smartphone or print it out and then attempt to use that print out during the exam.  It's not easier, you will get caught and the consequences of being busted cheating on the drivers license test are harsh.  Not only will the permit test be failed, you may also be banned from the office for a while.  The DMV permit test is not an open book exam and the clerks will not allow you to use any outside materials during the test, so don't even try it!  Besides, preparing for the permit test isn't that hard, all it takes is 15-20 minutes a day for a week or so, just do it every evening before you go to sleep and you won't even have to cheat!

If you find this free Nevada DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020 a bit too easy, switch to using the permit test simulator!  It has uses the same knowledge base of drivers permit test questions and has all other perks, apart from these cheats!  Just like the real thing!