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Kudos on nailing that first practice permit test, hope you are ready for more knowledge test questions as we have prepared a completely new Nevada DMV practice permit test for you!  The DMV practice quiz is loaded with free sample questions on traffic signals, pavement markings, the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, signalling and communicating with other drivers, sharing the road with emergency vehicles and countless road signs with awesome images! That's right, we have managed to fit all that into a single free Nevada DMV practice permit test 2019!

It goes without saying that those who have not completed the first learners permit practice test should do so now, before they start working on this DMV practice quiz.  DMV exams are arranged in the order of rising difficulty and you will benefit from them significantly more if you follow this order.   Those who have already completed the first quiz might have noticed that it also lends its interface and structure to this free Nevada DMV practice test.  Just like the first exam, this DMV practice test sports 20 multiple choice questions that cover a wide variety of traffic rules and road signs.  Immediate feedback, the trademark of the previous exam, has migrated into this quiz too, meaning that you don't have to finish the whole exam to find out what questions you have missed, you will know whether you have answered a question correctly as soon as you choose one of the options.  Detailed explanations for each and every question, an opportunity to review all questions once you complete the whole DMV exam, unlimited chances to pass the test - this practice test contains all of the things you loved about the first quiz!

Here is a feature we did not cover before - study aids! Remember how you had to pick a random answer whenever you hit a DMV test question you could not answer and then just hope for the best?  Those days are over!  Gone!  There is not much learning value in clicking at random Nevada permit test answers on the screen and we won't have you doing that! Take note of the new self help section on the screen.  Whenever you have troubles answering a DMV test question, simply refer to the help section and choose between the available study aids!   Hints are small useful snippets of information that will guide you towards the right answer.  Mind you, they will not be a dead giveaway, they were designed to point you in the right direction, not to present you with the right answer immediately!  Then there is the 50/50 option, which is much more obvious.  Clicking the 50/50 button immediately masks two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with just two options.  One of them is definitely correct, meaning you have a 50/50 chance of choosing the right answer no matter what.  Now, we always recommend that whenever you need assistance with this Nevada DMV permit practice test, you use hints first and reserve the 50/50 button only for those hopeless cases, as this will provide you with a much better learning experience!

While there is no single "one size fits all" answer when it comes to the question of how much time you should invest into this online DMV practice permit test for Nevada, there is a general rule of thumb you could use.  We recommend that you don't stop working on the practice test until you can answer at least 18 DMV test questions correctly every time you take it, without having to call upon study aids.  Don't worry, it will not take you too much time as this DMV quiz will always present you with the same set of questions, no matter how many times you take it.  Sure, we will rotate the order of questions, shuffle them around and do other things to keep things interesting, but they will still be the same 20 questions.  For most students, it's a matter of taking the practice permit test twice, three times at most, so we are talking about 10-15 minutes of your time. 

Enjoy this free Nevada DMV practice permit test 2019 and good luck at the office! Hit us back with your results, we would love to hear how this practice test helped you pass the real exam!