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Unlike regular sample quizzes you might have taken before, this Nevada practice permit test on road signs was designed as a self-evaluation tool and as such, it has its strong sides and its weaknesses.  We do not recommend that you use this practice test as means of learning the signs - conventional road sign practice tests we offer online are much better suited for this purpose.  This exam was designed to help you pinpoint any road signs you might have missed during your study sessions and help you evaluate your chances of doing well when you go into your local DMV office to take the real DMV written test.  With this in mind, let's have a look at what this Nevada permit practice test is like and how you can utilize it to its full potential.

While the exam is formatted as a good-old 20 question quiz, you should not fixate on this number. This low number of questions that are displayed at once was chosen because it allows you to to take the exam quickly, without having to spend hours in front of the computer screen (most of the students are able to complete the quiz within just 5 minutes). However, these questions will change every time you take the exam, providing you with virtually limitless study opportunities!  Your 2020 Nevada road signs practice permit test is connected to a question pool with over 100 sample questions on road signs and these questions are cycled through the test continuously.  Whenever you begin the exam, the system chooses 20 random questions and build a unique permit practice test for you to take.  This approach helps to avoid any bias and ensures accurate results that represent your current skills.  

A word about interpreting results for this free road signs permit practice test. Those who've been working on our regular practice tests - listen up, this is important!  We usually recommend students to continue working on a practice test until they are able to answer 90% of all questions correctly.  This system has been proven to work by thousands of students who have successfully passed the written permit test in Nevada with the help of our sample quizzes.  However, we suggest that you change the approach and do not quit until you are able to answer all of these road signs questions correctly!  Road signs are of huge importance and at the same time, they are easy to learn - why not use this opportunity to score some easy points on your DMV written test? 

If you are struggling with this 2020 Nevada practice permit test and keep missing too many questions, try switching to regular practice tests instead.  You could supplement those quizzes with printable Nevada road sign study sheets, there are plenty of them available out there online!  Sadly, the official Nevada drivers handbook 2020 won't be of much help, as it doesn't cover road signs in the detail they deserve, but do check it out anyway!  Enjoy your Nevada permit practice test and good luck at the DMV!