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If we were asked to pick the single most important subject on the 2020 Nevada permit test, road signs would definitely take this prize, with the next competitor lagging so far behind you won't be able to see him. This is why it is so amazing that most of the students go into the DMV without taking a single Nevada DMV practice test on signs!  The fact that up to a third of all questions on your learners permit test can be dedicated to road signs should be a clear enough signal to all drivers license applicants to invest time into learning them, yet what do we see every day?  People spending away hours on studying things like DUI laws, parking rules, seat belt restrictions for minors and not taking a single moment to go over traffic signs.  There is a simple explanation to this - we tend to greatly overestimate our proficiency in this field since we are exposed to road signs on a daily basis in our regular lives and so we grow comfortable in the belief that we already know everything there is to know about them.  Sadly, most of the first-time drivers license applicants find our just how mistaken they are when they face the permit test computer at their local DMV office.  Most of us know the basics - there is no denying that, the problem is that the DMV expects you to go well beyond those and most of the 2020 Nevada DMV written test questions that deal with road signs will cover the skills you as a non-driver never had to learn!  How many of us learn to identify road signs by their color?  How many of us know what different shapes of road signs mean?  How many of us are able to correctly categorize road signs by different groups they belong to and assign priorities accordingly?  These are the skills you will need to learn if you want to pass your road signs test successfully and we suggest that you start learning them right now, with the help of this free Nevada road signs practice test, it is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to learn them!

This road signs practice test is structured similarly to other Nevada practice permit tests on the site you might have had a chance to play with already and adopts that format that allows you to learn quickly, without having to schedule dedicated study sessions or get distracted by having to research questions in the Nevada drivers handbook 2020, the DMV practice test is 100% self-contained.  The quiz is built around 20 multiple choice questions that cover Nevada road signs.  Every question sports four different answers, only one of these answers is correct.  Some of the answers may seem very much alike at first glance, but don't let these similarities fool you - dig into the question and go for the choice that provides the most detailed answer to the question.  If you cannot answer a question off the top of your head, don't just click on a random choice and hope for the best - use study aids instead!  you will know whether you have answered a question correctly the moment you click on one of the provided choices - the test is graded as you go and provides you with instantaneous feedback at all times!  Whenever you happen to miss a question, your free Nevada permit practice test on road signs will display the correct answer and come up with a detailed description for the corresponding road sign so you can learn without having to leave the page!  Once you complete the entire test, you get yet another chance to review the questions you have missed and see your overall score, an indicator of your current progress.

We wanted to say a few more words about interpreting results for this Nevada DMV practice test.  For most of the practice permit tests you see on this website, we recommend that you continue working on the exam until you are able to answer 90% of all questions correctly and then move on to the next quiz.  This grade is usually sufficient for guaranteeing a pass on the real DMV permit test.  However, since road signs are so important, we believe that you should try and nail absolutely every question on this online Nevada permit practice test on 2020 road signs before moving on!  Remember, road signs are easy to learn, it's really the best "time invested/value" combination you will ever find!