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You've waited for this practice permit test for a long time!  This is it, the final challenge, over 500 Nevada permit test questions and answers on road rules and road signs!  Tailored to the 2020 permit test, the Simulator will allow you to experience what the real DMV exam is like first-hand, without having to chance it at the DMV!  The only thing that's missing from this free Nevada permit test practice Simulator 2020 is a friendly DMV clerk to stand over your shoulder while you are hammering away at those sample questions!  

Today is truly an amazing time to live, with various technological advances making our lives easier by the day!  Ten years ago, who could have imagined that you could prepare for the learners permit test without as much as leaving your house?  Back in those days, you had to attend classes at school or pick up a copy of the drivers manual from a local DMV office and study the book.  If you wanted to test yourself before the exam, you could buy some printable practice permit tests, do them once and then grade them yourself.  Today, you have the liberty of downloading the very same book to your smart phone and taking awesome interactive Nevada practice permit tests online!  All of the driving rules and road signs you need, hundreds of sample questions for the DMV knowledge test and it all comes absolutely free of charge! Truly, a great time to be alive!

Those who have already gone through other Nevada permit practice tests we have on the website don't need much explaining on how to operate the permit test simulator, but let us do a quick overview of the features for those who just arrived to this page and want to take the quiz once to assess their current skills.  The practice permit test simulator consists of 50 multiple choice questions (just like the real test) that cover a great range of road rules and road signs.   The practice test is interactive and is graded on the fly, as soon as you pick one of the answers, you know whether you answered that question correctly and if you haven't, the correct answer will be displayed alongside the one you have chosen.  We believe that this kind of immediate feedback is crucial and it provides the best learning experience possible!  Having to finish the whole practice quiz before being shown those questions you have happened to miss holds little value and that is why we decided to go another way.  As soon as you make a mistake, we alert you to the fact, we show you the right answer and we even display a detailed explanation to the rule that is being discussed by that particular question!  This triple feedback will see you learning at the speed of light!

Those who are used to taking learners permit practice tests with fixed questions are in for a surprise.  Our free Nevada permit test Simulator 2020 chooses random questions from the knowledge base to create a unique quiz every time you access the page!  When we say "unique", we truly mean it - to this date, we have accumulated over 500 sample DMV test questions, so your chances of receiving the same exam twice are close to nil!  Sure, you will see the same question or two occasionally, but the exam itself will always be unique!  It's like having hundreds of different practice permit tests at one page! Do we need to remind you that all of these practice permit tests come free, without a penny to spend out of your pocket?

While we will never tell you what to do and how much time you should spend on this Nevada practice permit test, there is a general rule you could use to tell whether you are ready to pay the DMV a visit.  Forty five correct answers on the practice test every time you take it - time to schedule a drivers permit test appointment.  Forty to forty four correct answers - not bad, but you should take the practice quiz a few more times and try to hike up that score.  Anything below forty - switch to regular practice permit test and come back to the permit test simulator once you tackle those!

Enjoy the experience and don't forget to share this free Nevada permit test practice Simulator 2020 with friends on social networks, remember, you are not the only one in need to good study materials!