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Road signs are easy to ignore - they have become such a large part of our lives, it is hard to treat them with due seriousness.  We see traffic signs almost every day on the way to school, while riding to the office and even when we're taking a walk down the street.  This kind of constant exposure creates a delusion that we already know everything there is to know about road signs, a dangerous misconception that leads to thousands of people going into a local DMV office to take the DMV written test without completing a single free Iowa road signs practice test or opening the drivers manual once.  The failure rates for the Iowa drivers permit test tell a good story of how well this works out - more than a half of drivers license applicants who take the knowledge test for the first time fail the exam and not studying road signs plays an important role in this.  Contrary to the common belief, road sign questions on the Iowa permit test go well beyond the basics and the majority of would-be drivers out there will not be able to answer these questions correctly.  Take the little-known skill of identifying Iowa road signs by their shape or color.  Most students believe these questions to be a joke, but they really aren't and you can expect to see permit test questions that cover this skill on virtually every exam paper (we have included some questions like that into your free Iowa road signs practice permit test as well), a clear signal from the DOT on how important they consider this ability to be.  Those who want to walk out of the DMV office with a learners permit in their back pocket after the first visit absolutely must learn the shapes of different traffic signs, what road sign colors mean and how to prioritize between different sign groups.

This 2020 Iowa permit practice test on road sings will help you get started on traffic signs and learn your first 20 essential signs for the current drivers permit test. It contains 20 multiple choice questions that cover Iowa road signs and nothing but Iowa road signs, so if you are looking for a more comprehensive and balanced practice quiz, be sure to switch to one of the regular sample exams.  Every question will present you with four answers, but only one of those answers will be correct.  You will find out whether you have answered a question correctly the instant you indicate your choice, the exam is graded on the fly and you do not have to finish the entire test just to see what questions you have missed!  Whenever you make a mistake, our Iowa road signs permit practice test will display the correct answer, along with a detailed description of the traffic sign covered by the question.  Take a moment to read these descriptions, don't skimp on them, as they will help you memorize the question faster and you will not have to keep on repeating the practice exam over and over again to hit the passing grade! 

A quick point to note.  For most of the regular Iowa learners permit practice tests you see on the website, we recommend that you continue working on an exam until you are able to score 90% on the quiz and then move on to the following practice test.  Since road signs are extremely important and will contribute more than a few questions to your drivers license test, we suggest that you change the approach a little and don't stop practicing until you've learned every Iowa road sign presented on this practice permit test.  This may take you a little more time, but all the time you invest into the sample exam right now will pay off tenfold on the real permit test.  Consider how much time you will have to waste if you don't pass the exam - travel time to get to the DMV office, waiting in the DMV line, then having to go back home and return another day... Why not spend an extra 5 minutes now and boost up your chances of passing the permit test to the max?

Enjoy your free Iowa road signs practice permit test 2020 and don't forget to share the exam with friends on social networks. Good luck!