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Studying for the Iowa learners permit test can be extremely difficult.  Even finding the motivation to do so seems to be a challenge!  However, it does not have to be that way and you can prepare for the DMV written test with ease, provided you follow a few simple rules.  Our free Iowa practice permit test was designed to slowly ease you into the world of driving rules and road signs, without giving you the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of materials you need to learn and taking up too much of your time.  While it was primarily designed for beginners, it doesn't mean that more experienced scholars should ignore the exam, there is always something new to learn no matter what your current level of expertise is.  Oh, and by the way, when it comes to studying for the Iowa permit test - 25 questions is not the only way to go! In fact, a practice test with a smaller number of questions may be beneficial, since you will be able to complete the practice permit test faster! If you find questions on this drivers permit practice test too easy for you and end up answering more than 18 of them correctly without using any study aids or searching for answers in the drivers permit study guide, simply move on to the next practice permit test you see on the screen, all exams were arranged in the order of rising difficulty and they will get more challenging as you move up the line.  Everyone else, read on to find out how you can seamlessly prepare for the knowledge test without feeling stressed in the process!

Start small - this is your first rule.  Don't go for Iowa practice permit tests that feature hundreds of permit test questions and answers and try to forget how many questions are on the Iowa permit test for now, these things don't matter and will only distract you.  Completing the permit test successfully requires you to learn hundreds of different rules, but it does not mean that you have to do it all at once.  Breaking these rules into smaller, manageable pieces and concentrating on the chunk of information you have in front of you now will help you stay focused and motivated.  We have chosen 20 easy questions for our 2020 Iowa learners permit practice test, 20 questions to get you rolling without overloading you right from the start.  Forget about everything else for now and just concentrate on nailing this first sample quiz!

Start early - kind of an obvious one, yet so many drivers permit applicants leave it up to an all-nighter just before their DOT appointment.  Alas, rarely does it do anyone any good.  There are many reasons why students choose to procrastinate and don't start working on the DOT permit test sooner, but it usually comes down to not having enough time to study (or thinking that they do not have time to study).  Most students believe that you need to spend hours in front of the computer or reading the Iowa drivers manual to prepare for the written knowledge test.  This is not true and our free Iowa practice permit test was designed to help you prepare for the test in short, intensive study sessions.  Completing this practice test once takes less than five minutes and you don't even need a PC to do so - take the practice permit test with you anywhere you go, just log into the site through your iPhone!  There are plenty of moments throughout the day when you are not really doing anything, why not use that time to study some Iowa permit test answers?  Riding a bus to work?  Sign in and take the practice test!  Eating lunch alone?  Sign in and take the practice test!  Waiting for your favorite TV show to start?  That's right, sign in and do this free Iowa DOT practice permit test, five minutes or less is all it takes!  Just make sure you start studying two-three weeks before your permit test appointment and do a sample written quiz every day!

Remember, preparing for your permit test can be fun and easy!  Get started right now, take this free Iowa practice permit test 2020 and let us know how you did!