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Here is something you probably didn't expect to hear from us - we do not believe in cheating during the DMV exam!  Seriously, we don't!  We understand that it is hard to believe, seeing how we have created this awesome free Iowa DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020, but it is true. Our DMV cheat sheet is a tool to help you prepare for the drivers permit test and absolutely nail it on your first visit to the DOT!  Trust us, learning the rules with the help of the cheat sheet is much easier than sneaking one past the DMV clerks!  Less risky too!

Now, we know that you might have gotten used to the idea that you can simply download a free Iowa DMV cheat sheet to your cell phone or print it out, hide it in your pocket and then simply copy the answers off that cheat sheet during the real test.  There are a few problems with that.  First, locating the cheat sheet that will have answers to the 2020 Iowa permit test.  And let us issue a quick warning right now - most of them will cost quite a penny.  Second, using the drivers permit test cheat sheet may not be as simple as you would have imagined.  The Iowa learner's permit test is not an open book exam and you won't be allowed to use your cell phone, or any other outside materials for that matter, during the exam.  If you get caught, you are failed and banned from the office.  So basically, you have the task of secretly browsing hundreds of permit test questions on your phone to locate the ones that are on your test paper while the DOT clerk is looking at you.  Are you really up for that?

So what's the alternative, apart from memorizing the 2020 Iowa drivers manual from cover to cover? Preparing for the drivers license test does not have to be boring and it doesn't take as much time as you think. In fact, 10-15 minutes a day for a week or so will be sufficient for most learners permit applicants and this Iowa permit test cheat sheet is the tool that can drastically reduce the time required to prepare. 

Our free DMV cheat sheet is really a massive (and we mean that, it is enormous) practice permit test with a knowledge base of over 500 Iowa drivers license test questions.  The practice quiz was designed to resemble the DMV exam in almost every way: it covers the same set of road rules and road signs, it has the same number of questions and it even uses the same grading system.  Every time you begin the practice exam, we select 35 random questions and build a completely unique learners permit practice test for you right there on the spot!  It's like having a myriad of different practice exams, all collected at a single webpage!

There is one crucial difference between the real permit test and our 2020 Iowa DMV cheat sheet (well, two, if you count not being judged by the DOT clerk and not having to walk out of the office in shame even if you fail your first test miserably).  This difference is the study aids, or "cheats", as some may call it, that have been skillfully integrated into the system!  Having these study aids at your disposal at all times really means the world of difference for your learning experience!  Just think about it, instead of choosing a random answer every time you hit a problem you can't solve right away, you can call upon assistance from us and be guided to the correct solution!  Take hints, for example.  Hints are tiny bits of additional information about the question or the driving rule that is being discussed, tailored in such way as to steer you towards the right answer.  Oh no, it's not a dead give away and you won't see hints like "number three is the best option", after all, we want you to think and we want you to learn.  Then there is a 50/50 button, a more blatant tool, we'll give you that, but a tool nevertheless. The 50/50 cheat will make the test much easier by selectively removing two incorrect answers from any question on this free Iowa permit test cheat sheet, leaving you with just two options to choose from!

Now, don't get stuck on the DMV cheat sheet for too long, once you've gained some confidence, move on to the online Iowa permit test simulator, the closest thing to the real Iowa permit test you can find on the Internet!