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The DMV Wyoming permit test is made up of road rules, vehicle control and road sign questions. Approximately two thirds of the 25-quesiton exam will focus on rules of the road, which is why most Wyoming DMV practice tests target this subject area heavily. On this page, you will find a dedicated road signs practice test which does not feature any road rule or vehicle control questions. You may think that the relative brevity of the Wyoming road signs test means that road signs and markings are not worth your time but remember that you will only be allowed six incorrect permit test answers in total on the day of your assessment. Road signs could easily account for around seven to ten questions on your DMV permit test paper so getting a large portion of them wrong is likely to cost you your driver’s permit.

Work on our learners permit practice test Wyoming signs quiz at regular intervals while also studying the road signs and markings study material, and you should have no problem answering any road sign question which appears on the theory test. Our regular DMV practice permit test Wyoming quizzes follow the structure of the real exam and dedicate roughly one third of the questions they contain to signs and markings. Consequently, they cannot delve into every category of road sign comprehensively enough to thoroughly prepare you for the assessment. Fortunately, this quiz and our other two road sign DMV test practice quizzes can achieve this when you use them together.

The Wyoming DMV road signs chart includes exclusionary signs, stop and yield signs, speed limit signs, warning signs, lane usage signs and many other types of common signage. The fixed-question practice road signs test for Wyoming learners on this page does not address all these categories in detail as it only presents 20 permit test questions. For this reason, we have created two fixed-question quizzes and a rotating-question DMV cheat sheet. Use each of these resources in turn and you can be confident that everything you could be asked about during the permit test has been covered. The fixed-question quizzes make the best place to start precisely because the questions they contain do not change. Identifying common road signs based on the colors, shapes and symbols that connect certain sign-types is difficult but thanks to this entry-level quiz, you can take as many attempts as necessary to answer every question on this 2020 DMV practice test for Wyoming drivers correctly.

While working on our DMV practice permit tests, you may be asked to identify a road sign based on its color or be shown a series of different signs that could fit a given meaning. In most cases, the questions on this Wyoming DMV sign test quiz will be accompanied by high-quality photographs and diagrams, just like those used during the DMV exams. Some questions will be “true or false” but most will be multiple-choice, featuring two to five possible permit test answers. Click on the answer you believe to be correct having read through the question and then wait to see if the quiz highlights your response in red or green. Incorrect red answers will prompt the Wyoming DMV practice test signs quiz to show you the correct answer and offer some background information about the wider sign category, to help you avoid similar errors of judgement in future. Are you ready to get started?