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Fear and doubt are two of your biggest enemies - you do much worse on tests when you are feeling stressed and doubtful.  Thankfully, with this free Washington motorcycle permit test Simulator, you can find out exactly where you stand right now, pinpoint any traffic rules you might have missed while working on regular DOL motorcycle practice tests and nail each and every one of them!  Our motorcycle driving permit test Simulator contains over 200 sample questions on motorcycle riding that cover virtually everything you need to know for the real motorcycle knowledge test at the DOL and we can guarantee that those who do well on the Simulator have an almost 100% chance of passing the real motorcycle test too!  How do you know that you're doing well and that you are ready to hit the DMV?  Use the following approach!

Just like the real WA motorcycle permit test, this DOL practice permit test features 25 questions every time you take the exam.  Don't let the number fool you, though - these questions will change every time you begin the test or reload the page.  The permit test Simulator is connected to the question bank of over 200 WA motorcycle permit test questions and answers and it uses this connection to provide you with unique sample quizzes every time you come in to get tested.  This approach helps to avoid any bias and get a good reliable estimate of your current skill level, as all driving rules get an equal representation on the exam and you don't concentrate on "easy" topics, misleading yourself into believing that you're doing well when you are really not.  You receive constant feedback throughout the entire test and you are always aware of your current progress - the motorcycle practice permit test is graded as you go through the exam and you know whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after indicating your choice.   Once you get through all 25 motorcycle permit test questions, the exam presents you with a list of questions you have missed (we recommend that you review them all before taking the practice test again) and discloses your overall grade.  The final grade can help you make a number of important decisions, such as whether you are ready to visit the DMV office and take the real WA motorcycle permit test or if more preparation is due.    We suggest that you use the following simple system when interpreting your results from this online Washington motorcycle learners permit test Simulator.

The real motorcycle permit test you will take at the office requires that you answer 20 questions correctly (the total number of questions on the written knowledge test is 25), which amounts to the score of 80%.  This is your passing minimum and you should definitely be aiming much higher than this grade.  A score of 90% or higher (no more than two mistakes) is the score you should be trying to achieve here.  Once you can hit this bar consistently, you are good to schedule your DOL appointment and take the real exam.

Those who keep scoring between 80% and 90% - you are doing well, but there is still some room for improvement and you may want to switch to using the Washington DOL motorcycle cheat sheet to get there a little faster!  The cheat sheet is structured very similarly to the 2019 motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator, yet it is loaded with study aids that will speed up the learning process.  Work on the permit test cheat sheet and come back to the Simulator once you see that your grades are on the rise!

Can't answer 20 questions correctly?  Don't despair, we've got a solution for you too!  Start with the first Washington DOL motorcycle practice test you see on the screen and work your way back up to the Simulator!  All of the DOL motorcycle practice permit tests are arranged in the order of increasing difficulty and they will match your rising skill at any level!  By the time you get back to the Simulator, you will have the knowledge required to tackle virtually anything the DOL can throw at you!

Enjoy playing with this free Washington state motorcycle permit test (WA) Simulator 2019 and remember, this is not an open book exam, so keep that drivers manual closed while you're working on the quiz!