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Have you been studying hard for the commercial driving learners permit test in South Dakota? If you think you know the contents of the SD DMV handbook inside and out, now is you chance to find out if you’re right. No, we’re not talking about taking the real-life DMV permit test for South Dakota! There is a far easier way to measure how good your CDL general knowledge really is, without traveling to the DMV test center and risking money on the actual exam. How, you may ask? Let us answer that question by introducing you to the most realistic SD permit test quiz on the internet – our DMV written test 2019 Simulator.

Every feature on this amazing CDL general knowledge practice test for South Dakota has been carefully thought-out to precisely replicate the real permit test DMV exam. You will not find permit test questions as true-to-life as those on this quiz, on any other DMV CDL practice test! When you use the SD DMV permit test Simulator, you will encounter many questions which have been take directly from real-life permit test papers. Our team ensure that every question is still relevant and up-to-date by checking all our material against information in the 2019 permit book. These DMV test questions are not just similar to those on the actual exam- they’re the real deal!

The SD CDL written permit test contains 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” questions on all aspects of commercial driving general knowledge, as they are laid out in the permit test study guide. These topics include basic control of your vehicle, skid control and recovery, shifting gears, space management, seeing, communicating, road signs, vehicle inspection, safety procedures and laws of the road. We’ve have followed exactly the same protocol when programming this South Dakota CDL practice test for 2019; it even requires the same number of questions to be answered correctly for a pass – which is 40 out of a possible 50.

As you might expect, realism has been our top priority when designing the SD learners permit test Simulator, which is why we have not included any study aids or support tools on the quiz. This might seem a little harsh, but remember that this test is supposed to be realistic. You will not be allowed access to such support during the real permit test for 2019, so if you want to get an honest evaluation of how well you likely to perform on the actual test you must not use any study aids here either. We’ve done our part by excluding built-in support tools, but you will have to hold up your end of the bargain too. This means resisting the urge to look up any permit test answers on the internet and keeping your South Dakota permit test study guide out of reach!

The questions on this quiz are not fixed, so the more often you use it and are able to secure a pass, the more certain you can be of your ability to pass the real exam. New questions are drawn from a pool of possible permit test questions every time you re-start this DMV CDL practice test for South Dakota, putting your CDL general knowledge to the test with fresh topics each time.

If you want to feel completely confident in your ability to pass the real exam, we recommend using this SD CDL general knowledge practice test for South Dakota repeatedly in the week prior to your test. When you reach the point that you can consistently score over 90 percent – you’re good to go. Best of luck!