New Mexico DMV Practice Permit Test (NM) 4

Tired of reading the New Mexico driver's manual? Try something different, a New Mexico driving practice test with fun study aids!

  • 20 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 4 Mistakes Allowed
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New Mexico Permit Test Facts

  • Questions: 25
  • Correct answers to pass: 18
  • Passing score: 72%
  • Test locations: Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official New Mexico drivers manual Drivers Manual

Check out some authentic DMV questions and answers, with this free New Mexico MVD practice test for 2024 applicants. Our NM drivers license practice test has been designed to prepare new drivers for the general knowledge DMV test, which must be passed to obtain a learner’s permit. The written exam you take at your local exam office will feature 25 questions and be programmed to award a pass when 18 of those questions are answered correctly. Though our DMV practice permit test includes genuine exam material, it is slightly shorter and more difficult that the real DMV permit test. We have built the quiz around 20 questions, from which at least 16 MVD written test answers must be provided. Students do not need to worry about passing our New Mexico drivers test practice quiz right away, as it will be available for free re-tests as often as you need it in the run-up to the DMV test.

Unlike most other DMV practice permit tests, our sophisticated quiz has been designed to improve your knowledge of road rules, road signs and other essential subjects. The test will allow you to measure what you already know, while also rooting out and fixing up problematic weak spots in your theory knowledge. Our aim is to make the NM driving practice test suitable for learners of all experience levels, by including study aids which can help participants find the correct permit test answers. These study aids can be used as often as necessary and are accessed via the ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’ buttons next to the question you are currently focusing on. With the 50/50’ feature, confused participants can instantly remove 50% of the incorrect multiple-choice answers. As the name indicates, the ‘hint’ button can be used to generate a clue about the right answer.

If you answer a question incorrectly while using this DMV New Mexico practice permit test, you will not be forced to wait until you are done with the quiz to find out about the mistake. As soon as the incorrect answer has been entered, our practice driving test NM quiz will highlight it in red and highlight the remaining correct answer in green. Besides this correction, you will notice a small comment box pop up with some additional information. This bonus material will help you to understand the correct answer and identify where you went wrong while answering the question. As we have not programmed the New Mexico practice permit test with a time limit, you can take as long as necessary to consider the feedback provided during the quiz, without worry about your final grade taking a hit.

This New Mexico DMV practice test includes at least a few questions on rules of the road, traffic signals, pavement markings and road signs. Should your resulting score on this quiz indicate that your road sign or traffic signal knowledge needs more work, you should return to the relevant chapter of the drivers manual and spend some time completing our subject-specific NM permit practice tests. You will find several road sign quizzes, a traffic violations test and a signals quiz, to name just a few of our resources. Whenever you have an issue with a certain topic that can not be cleared up with feedback from this test, we strongly recommend referring to the New Mexico driving test study guide. Written and released by the MVD, the drivers manual will always be the most reliable and complete source of study material.