If you are based in Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque or elsewhere in the state of New Mexico and you’re due to sit a DMV written test, we’ve got some great advice for you! Before you waste any time shopping around for a NM driver’s test study guide, go directly to the Motor Vehicles Division website. Here you will be able to download a free copy of their New Mexico driving test study guide directly to your mobile device or computer.

There are a great deal of unofficial study guides on the market, some of which may be well-designed. The problem is that even reputable unofficial study guides can become useless overnight if the content of the NM MVD test you’re taking is updated at all. This does happen from time to time when changes are made to road laws, driving regulations and safety best practices. Consequently, it is always best to choose the New Mexico MVD handbook as your primary source of information; as an official MVD document, you know it will always be accurate.

Another great thing about the MVD study guide is that they have not created it using a “one-size-fits-all” approach. There are several editions of the driver manual; one each for regular, commercial and motorcycle learners. When you visit the MVD website, be sure to download the correct version of the MVD written test study guide to go with the exam you are taking.

Aside from the obvious topics which every road user must know, such as road sign meanings and rules of the road, there will be material in each New Mexico permit study guide for 2020 that is exclusively relevant to your license-type. Which is why it is so important to download the right copy! Luckily, having three distinct version of the permit book means that no driving student will have to rifle through a ton of information that doesn’t apply to their exam.

Whichever MVD NM permit test or endorsement test you are taking, there will be some areas of your MVD drivers handbook that you can exclude from your study plan. Don’t worry, it will be easy to identify which sections we are referring to if you take a moment to scan through the opening contents section of the driving manual. The MVD have included some useful information in the guide which seeks to answer questions most commonly asked by permit test applicants. If ever you need to know about document requirements, applications for non-residents, license types, renewals, losses, insurance, titling or registration, this information will be listed in the contents.

Commercial driving students can expect to cover a wide variety of general knowledge topics in their New Mexico written driving test study guide, such as basic vehicle control, space management and hazardous material rules. Though general knowledge will not apply if you already have a learner’s permit and are applying for a specific license endorsement. For motorcycle learners, a large part of the permit test will focus on safety considerations and avoiding road traffic accidents.

To accompany your NM driver’s handbook for 2020, we have built several free MVD practice permit test quizzes which you can use as often as you need, here on ePermitTest.com. Commercial driving students might consider using our CDL MVD cheat sheet; while the learners permit practice test is ideal for motorcycle learners. Whichever quiz you choose to factor into your learning plan, keep in mind that you should continue to study the MVD booklet as well. Happy studying!

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