Montana DMV Motorcycle Written Test (MT) # 7

If it's more Montana motorcycle DMV written test answers that you want, it's more answers that you get!

  • 20 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 4 Mistakes Allowed
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Montana Motorcycle Test Facts

  • Questions: 25
  • Correct answers to pass: 20
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Test locations: Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official Montana drivers manual Drivers Manual

This motorcycle practice test for Montana learners has been designed to accompany the official motorcycle permit book, to offer students an alternate way to prepare for the motorcycle drivers permit test. As you work through our 2020 DMV practice test MT quiz, you will be presented with a series of genuine driving test questions from real motorcycle permit exam papers. Using what you have learned about motorcycle safety and road rules from the study guide, you can answer our questions and find out whether you are ready to take on the real permit test! Just remember that this practice motorcycle permit test for Montana residents has been built to support the official study material, not to replace the handbook altogether.

Irrespective of how far along you are with the study material, our Montana driving test practice quiz can teach you a little more about the information you are learning. This is not simply a list of motorcycle written test questions and answers, but rather an interactive learning tool which contains bonus information and student-focused study aids. Even if you have not yet read a single sentence of the permit test study guide, you will be able to learn something from using our Montana MVD motorcycle practice test. Begin the quiz now by hitting the ‘start’ button, to see for yourself!

Next to each of the 25 multiple-choice questions included on this Montana motorcycle permit practice test, you will see two support options titled ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’. Clicking either of these tools will make the question you are currently working on easier to answer. While many of the motorcycle test questions have ‘common sense’ solutions, it can still be difficult to choose the correct permit test answer from two or more options which appear very similar. If you find yourself in this situation, use the motorcycle permit test practice quizzes ‘50/50’ button to instantly remove half the wrong answers from the list. When your issue is that you simply do not understand what the question is asking of you, click the ‘hint’ button instead. This lifeline will bring up a clue in a small comment box, providing more information about the topic to point you in the right direction. Montana drivers permit test participants can learn a great deal about the exam topics, simply by working through our DMV practice permit test and activating both support tools during each question.

It is essential to remember that the real Montana drivers test is randomly generated whenever a new student sits the assessment. During the exam, you could be asked any of the hundreds of possible drivers test questions from the MVD database. The only way to make sure you are ready for anything is to read the 2020 DMV handbook from cover to cover. Our Montana motorcycle license practice test can challenge your knowledge of the most important exam topics and get you used to answering questions, but it cannot teach you everything you may be asked about during the MVD motorcycle test.

Just like the real DMV permit test, our driving practice test for Montana students has a pass requirement of 80%. This is the equivalent of 20 correct permit test answers from the 25 questions available. While you will be required to hit that score during your first attempt at the real assessment, you are not limited to a certain number of attempts at our Montana motorcycle practice test. Whether it takes one, five or twenty attempts to achieve a passing grade, our quiz will be here to support you for the duration of your studies.