Trying to figure out the fastest way to get ready for your CDL permit test in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield or elsewhere in Missouri? We’ve got your back! When it comes to choosing a study aid for the DPS permit test, it is important you find a guide which covers all the Missouri DMV test material and is written in a way which makes it easy for you to take in. On both these fronts, there can be no better tool than the MO driver’s book for 2022. This CDL permit book is distributed by the DMV; as they are also responsible for designing the actual DMV written test, you’re in the safest possible hands!

Other study aids can be helpful if they are produced by a reputable organization and kept regularly updated in accordance with current testing procedures. Though why take the risk that you are using something with inaccurate information? Time spent looking for a decent Missouri permit test book is time that you could have been using to study! Set yourself on the fast-track to success right now by visiting the DMV website. There you will be able to download a free PDF copy of the CDL drivers ed test book instantly, for ease of use on your laptop, smart phone or tablet. Don’t worry if you’ve already been using an unofficial study guide for the commercial driving license tests – it is never too late to get yourself back on track!

If you’re just starting out on your journey to becoming a commercial driver, the first exam you will have to take is the CDL general knowledge DMV written test for Missouri. This 50-question DMV test for 2022 will make sure your understanding of basic commercial driving practices is up-to-scratch, before you can start taking lessons in your vehicle of choice. This exam does not alter based on vehicle class or driving role, as the material it draws upon is relevant for everybody. Your MO driver’s manual is by far the best source of information for the general knowledge DMV permit test; it will teach you everything you need to know about basic vehicle control, communication, space management, hazard perception, road signs and road rules. You’ll find you are soon ready to start working on permit test practice questions for these subjects, as the CDL driving book explains everything in straight-forward language with many helpful diagrams and images included.

The Missouri driver’s permit book is not just for people taking the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test. You will find all the information needed to study for School Bus, Tanker Vehicles, HazMat, Combination Vehicles and every other endorsement DMV MO test in the permit book too! Keep in mind that you should focus on studying for one DMV written test for 2022 at a time, so do not be tempted to start reading up about the endorsements if you have not already passed the general knowledge exam. Once you have your Missouri permit test study guide you can always come back to the endorsement chapters anytime.

Answering some realistic DMV test questions is the best way to make sure you have been studying the correct material, while helping you to retain what you’ve learned. There are not usually more than a couple of permit test questions included in the CDL DMV driving book. Luckily, we have a plentiful supply of DMV test questions in our Missouri permit practice test quizzes, here on They are free to use, and you’ll be pleased to know we have a CDL practice test for Missouri students of every experience level. Got your MO DMV handbook? Let’s start learning now!

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