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Those who have been rummaging through our regular motorcycle practice permit tests should have a fairly good idea of what the Simulator will be like - multiple choice questions, immediate grading, sample DMV questions based on the real Mississippi motorcycle permit test and the official drivers manual.  You are absolutely right, we have made sure to keep all of those great things you have loved about regular sample quizzes, but we do have a few surprises for you in store!  For starters, this Mississippi motorcycle drivers license test Simulator is shaped just like the real exam.   A regular test has 20 sample questions, the Simulator holds 25!  Start getting used to the format of the real exam! 

The second most notable difference is how these Mississippi motorcycle drivers test questions are chosen.  A regular motorcycle practice permit test has to make do with a fixed set of questions that don't change, no matter how many times you take the exam.  Not a bad thing, mind you, in fact it is a very effective approach when it comes to learning something new - you isolate a limited amount of information, concentrate your efforts on learning it and don't get distracted by anything else until you are happy with your achievement.   However, the goal of the MS motorcycle permit test Simulator is different, it's a self-assessment tool that was designed to give you an idea of what the real DMV written test is like and help you gauge your chances of passing it, and it utilizes other tactics to reach this goal.  The Simulator has a question bank of over 200 sample questions and answers to the Mississippi motorcycle permit test and it draws upon this question bank to create a unique custom quiz for you every time you begin the test.  Questions from the knowledge base are chosen at random, to avoid any bias and to ensure that all driving rules and road signs have an equal chance of appearing on the exam.  Concentrating on a particular topic and neglecting the rules that seem to be "easy" is one of the common mistakes among first time test takers, the Simulator will help you identify any white areas on the map so you can revisit them during your next study session.

When you are trying to assess your current chances of passing the real MS motorcycle drivers permit test, we recommend that you aim for a grade that is slightly higher than the one you are required to obtain during the DMV exam.  If you don't know how many questions can you miss on the motorcycle permit test in Mississippi - it's no more than 5 incorrect answers out of the total of 25 questions.  In our opinion, you should challenge yourself and work towards a higher grade, we recommend that you don't go to the DMV until you can score at least 90% on this motorcycle practice permit test consistently, without using any study aids and without having to peek for answers in your Mississippi motorcycle drivers manual.   We are firm believers in playing it safe when it comes to taking the Mississippi permit test - going over these free permit practice tests will cost you nothing but a little bit of your time, failing the exam at the DMV, on the other hand, will incur financial losses, cause a blow to your self confidence and delay you from obtaining a motorcycle drivers license!

A word of advice to those who keep on missing too many questions (and by missing too many questions we mean scoring under 80% on the Simulator): stop banging your head against the wall and switch to using our regular motorcycle practice permit tests!  This online Mississippi drivers permit test Simulator was designed primarily as a self-assessment tool and it has limited learning value!  If you're after learning the traffic rules and road signs that will be on the 2019 permit test, you're better off working on our regular practice exams!  Regular motorcycle practice permit tests have been arranged in the order of rising difficulty and they will match your increasing competence with a gradually growing difficulty of questions!  Besides, those Mississippi motorcycle permit practice tests have integrated study aids that will help you learn faster!  Supplement them with the official DMV learners permit book and you've got yourself an unbeatable deal!

Enjoy this free Mississippi motorcycle permit test (MS) Simulator 2019 and don't forget to let us know how you did on your real exam!