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A picture says a thousand words - especially if it's a picture of a road sign!  Learning traffic rules is important, but memorizing traffic signs is crucial: crucial to passing your Michigan permit test, crucial to your safety behind the wheel.  That is why we went ahead and prepared this great 2019 Michigan road signs quiz for you!  We have singled out all road signs that appear on the permit test and dropped them into this sample exam so you can learn what's really important and breeze through the test during your SOS visit!

All questions on this MI road signs practice test are multiple choice and provide you with correct answers as you go through the test, take them down, learn them, do better next time!  Sample questions have lots of pictures of road signs (kind of an important one, right?), all top quality!  The passing score for the test is 16 correct answers but we urge you not to stop when you reach this target - this is just a start and you can easily score 20 out of 20 by taking the quiz a few more times!  Go for it, really go for it, remember that the more you study now, the easier the real learners permit test will be! Do it with or without reading a MI drivers manual, it still works as a charm!

One final thing: just like all other sample exams on our website, this Michigan road signs quiz is free.  That's right - a free Michigan traffic signs test that is state-specific, accurate, with tonnes of pictures!  Doesn't come better than this!

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