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Need a proven way to pass your Michigan DMV test the first time you take it?  Better yet, do it without spending a dime on study materials and not wasting countless hours on learning things you won't be tested on anyway?  You've come to the right place!  This free SOS cheat sheet will help you prepare for the learners permit test in a blink of an eye!  With hundreds of random Michigan driving test questions and answers and amazing study aids, the permit test has no chance against you!  And the best thing of all: we are giving this Michigan DMV practice permit test cheat sheet 2019 away! Not a dime to pay!

Now if you are looking for a DMV cheat sheet so you can actually try and cheat on your real Michigan drivers permit test, let us stop you right there.  What you are doing is a complete waste of time and if you will pursue this "goal", you may also end up wasting a lot of money.  There is no point in trying to download a Michigan DMV cheat sheet to sneak it past the clerks at the office, it doesn't work!  You will not be allowed to use your phone during the test, you won't be allowed to use any study aids at all, the permit test is not an open-book exam!  We recommend that you direct your efforts towards actually learning the rules of the rules and traffic signs, preparing for the learners permit test takes significantly less resources than cheating on the exam!

Our Michigan DMV permit test cheat sheet is really more of an online drivers practice test, rather than a cheat sheet you can download or print out.  This driving practice test is built just like the real exam, with 50 multiple choice Michigan driving test questions and answers that cover the great scope of road rules and road signs.  You need to answer no less than 40 questions correctly to pass the exam, but we recommend that you don't stop at that and work on the SOS cheat sheet until you can score 90% or higher every time you take the written quiz.  Keep in mind that questions on this Michigan drivers training test will change every time you begin the exam, they are chosen randomly from a knowledge base that contains over 500 questions as of today and we keep adding new ones every month.  Yes, this means a unique practice permit test every time, you will definitely not get bored!

You may be wondering what makes this SOS cheat sheet different from the Michigan drivers permit test simulator we also have available on the site.  Good question!  While both of these permit test study tools follow the same format the real test does, the difference between them is the ability to use study aids while working on the DMV cheat sheet.  If you are having troubles with a drivers permit test question while working on this online SOS cheat sheet, you can always request for the system to give you a hint and help you find the right answer.  For those questions you find extremely hard, you can even use the 50/50 option and cut down the number of possible answers from four to just two.  The SOS permit test simulator won't give you this liberty, it's just you against the test!  So play around with these study aids while you are working on this Michigan DMV cheat sheet!