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If you were to guess how many drivers license applicants fail the 2019 driving written test, what number would you call out?  Is it something like 10%?  Closer to 20%?  35%?  Take a wild stab, pick a number and then read this:  more than HALF of all drivers license applicants who come in to take the Michigan permit test for the first time fail the exam.  This number is amazingly huge and it really shows that there is something wrong with the system.  If you are at the SOS right now, look around you - half of these people will go home empty-handed and will have to come back another day for a retest.  These stats appear to be even more shocking when you consider the fact that everything you need to prepare for the drivers permit test is available online and you can obtain it without having to pay a dime: the drivers manual is free, this 2019 Michigan driving practice test is free, you can even obtain a drivers license test cheat sheet absolutely free of charge!  Yet so many people fail to utilize these permit test study tools and end up failing the exam.  Don't make the same mistake,  prepare for the test and arrive at your local drivers license office armed with answers to any drivers test question the SOS can throw at you!

This practice driving test for Michigan is built around 20  questions that cover road signs and traffic rules that commonly appear on the drivers license test.  All driving test questions are multiple choice, with four answers provided for every question.  Only one of those answers is right, keep that in mind as you are working on the quiz and always go for the option that provides the most detailed and thorough answer when faced with a choice between two seemingly similar answers.  Make sure you focus and are not distracted by anything while taking the exam, the wording that is utilizes by the SOS may be somewhat tricky and requires your full attention. 

If you are worried about making too many mistakes on this free Michigan drivers training practice test - don't.  Don't let these mistakes discourage you from studying, don't let them bring you down.  You have to realize that mistakes are a normal part of the learning process, they help you identify your weaknesses so you can improve and get comfortable with whatever challenge the SOS will throw at you during the real exam.  Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, the driver practice test will stop you, highlight your answer in red and mark the right answer for you.  On top of this, the permit practice test will display a detailed explanation for the question, saving you time on having to search for the corresponding driving rule through the drivers manual.  Once you're done with the entire practice exam, you will get yet another chance to review all of the Michigan driving test questions you have missed.  We urge you to work on the exam until you can answer no less than 18 questions correctly every time you take it, without having to call upon assistance from the study aids.  And you feel the need to get a perfect score - who are we to stop you?  The driving practice test is free, so go ahead and keep on retaking it until you are fully satisfied with your grades!

Enjoy the quiz and don't forget to check out other sample exams we have prepared for you, this free Michigan driving practice test 2019 is just one step of the ladder, there are many others you need to climb before you reach the top!