Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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The first question you can expect to hear from any newbie is how many questions are on the Michigan driving test.  The second is why does your DMV practice test has only 20 sample questions, while the real permit test has 50?  The answer is very simple - we want you to be able to take this practice permit test as quickly as possible, without having to schedule a separate lengthy study session and without feeling overwhelmed in the process. A small quiz like this can be completed in under 5 minutes and you can easily fit these quick quizzes into your busy day.  Take this free Michigan DMV practice test on the way to school, on your lunch break - some take it while they are standing in line at the local SOS office! Practice as frequently as you can and see your results grow exponentially!  

This 2019 DMV practice test for Michigan is organized just like any other regular permit practice test on the website.  It consists of 20 multiple choice question that cover all of the topics that are considered to be important for the drivers permit test.  Sharing the road with motorcyclists, highway driving, negotiating curves and railroad crossings, driving at night and when weather is far from perfect - it's all there, inside the exam!  Oh, and road signs!  How could we forget questions on Michigan street signs with amazing images to go along! 

We believe in the power of immediate feedback and this DMV written practice test was built around the idea of speed learning.  While there is certainly some value to sample exams that display your results at the end of the test, you do learn much faster if your mistakes are pointed out the moment you make them and you are provided with a clear way for correcting these errors.  This is what this DMV practice permit test is all about!  Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, your answer is highlighted in red and the correct answer is marked in green.  In addition to that, the practice quiz will also furnish a detailed explanation for the correct answer, helping you learn the driving rule that is covered by this question.  This approach saves you time twice, as you won't have to prowl through the drivers manual, searching for the right answer!

If you have the time, we recommend that you don't quit working on the exam until you can answer each and every one of these questions correctly, without having to use any study aids.  You really want to cover as many different sample questions as possible before you hit the real thing, however, if your time is running out, you can move to the next exam after reaching the 90% score.  This grade is sufficiently higher than the one you are required to get on the drivers training permit test and created a nice safety cushion you can lean against!

Enjoy the exam and don't forget to check out every other 2019 Michigan DMV practice test, they are free and there are no limits to the number of retests!  Good luck at the SOS!