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If anyone tells you that you don't need to study road signs to pass your Michigan permit test, you can punch them in the face.  Questions on street signs have tripped more than a single test taker and considering that the written knowledge test can have as many as a third of all questions dedicated to traffic signs, you better do yourself a favor and study them before you choose to go in and test your luck in the real drivers permit test at the SOS office.  We don't doubt that you already know the basics and can easily tell a stop sign from a yield sign but trust us, you'll have to do better than this to pass the exam.  The SOS will be sure to pull up all those rare traffic signs during the exam and include it into your test paper, on top of asking you to identify road signs by shape and color, a "silly" skill most students don't bother learning before their first attempt at the test.  Avoid these mistakes, invest a little time into studying these sample drivers test questions on Michigan road signs and nail the exam like no one else!

If you have gone through regular practice permit tests on the website, you don't need much coaching on using the interface. The  permit practice test consists of 20 questions that cover road signs and nothing but road signs.  All questions are multiple choice, with four options provided for every question.  Only one of the provided answers is correct and the system will not allow you to select more than a single answer, so don't even try it.  If you make a mistake - no biggie, the practice permit test will alert you to the fact immediately and provide you with an opportunity to learn the correct answer by highlighting it in green.   Once you're done with the entire practice quiz, the system will show you your overall score and provide you with yet another opportunity to review all of the sample questions you have missed. 

Here is something new, something you did not encounter while working on the regular practice quizzes - this free Michigan permit practice test generates a new set of questions for the exam every time you take it.  Regular tests make use of the same set of questions each and every time, simply rotating their order and shuffling things around to keep you focused and engaged.  An approach that works very well for making sure that you don't miss anything.   However, when you want to test your overall progress, this road signs permit practice test is your tool of choice!  The sample exam is connected to a large knowledge base of questions that cover Michigan street signs and it uses this connection to the max! Every time you begin the exam, 20 new random questions are pulled from the knowledge base and a unique practice test is created on the spot just for you!  With over 100 questions in the knowledge base, you could spend hours practicing the signs and not grow tired of it!

Be sure to work on this free Michigan traffic sign practice permit test until you can answer at least 90% of all questions correctly every time you take it, then polish everything off with a run on the permit test Simulator!  Good luck with passing your drivers permit test in 2019!