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Tired of drivers license practice tests that have nothing to do with the real exam, feature questions that never come up on the permit test and don't even follow the same format?  We hear you! What we have for you is an all-new Michigan drivers permit test simulator 2019, a free DMV practice test that takes the art of learning the rules of the road to the new level!  Hundreds of free written test questions that cover a great scope of driving rules, high-quality images of road signs, immediate feedback - all brought together in a single online practice permit test for Michigan!

If you just arrived at this page and have not taken any sample exams previously, we recommend that you start with one of the regular practice permit tests that feature a limited set of questions.  Starting with the permit test simulator may be somewhat overwhelming, considering the fact that it really has hundreds of drivers permit test questions and new questions are being added to the knowledge base every month. Even though the practice test displays only 50 questions every time, these questions are selected randomly from a much larger question pool.  What does this mean for you?  It means you end up with a unique drivers license practice test every time you begin the quiz!

Considering the fact that the practice quiz is quite extensive, you should not start it unless you have at least 15-20 minutes to spare.  If you want a practice exam that can be completed on the go, check out the regular Michigan drivers license practice test, it has only 20 questions and will take under 5 minutes to complete. 

Those who arrived at this free Michigan drivers permit test practice simulator after completing the online DMV cheat sheet may be wondering what is the difference between the two, since they both follow the same format the real permit test does and they both feature random permit test questions.  The difference between these two practice driving tests is the absence of study aids in this permit test simulator.  The DMV cheat sheet lends you a hand every step of the way, providing you with guidance and helping you with difficult questions you can't answer yourself.  The permit test simulator will have none of that, it was built just like the real SOS exam and won't allow you to cheat at any point. 

If you find these Michigan drivers license test questions a bit too challenging for you, if you need a permit test study guide, be sure to read the official Michigan drivers manual.  There is a good reason why the manual is frequently referred to as the Michigan drivers test book - the entire exam is based solely on the information presented in the booklet and you can find answers to virtually every permit test question in the book.  If you have not read it yet - now is the time to do so!  Drop everything else, read the book at least once, then come back and take another practice driving test, you will immediately notice significant improvements in your grades!

Without further ado, we leave you to the free Michigan drivers permit practice test simulator 2019!  Good luck at the SOS office!