Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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You don't have to tell us about the pains of preparing for the Michigan permit test - we've been there ourselves, trying to find a good study guide, searching for state-specific practice permit tests, wondering if we should take a drivers ed class... Fortunately, things have changed and today you have an amazing variety of study resources that will help you pass the drivers permit test the first time you take it. Take the first step now and complete this free Michigan drivers license practice test 2019!  Takes under 5 minutes!

This Michigan practice driving test was developed primarily for those who just started preparing for the drivers permit test, but anyone is welcome to take it!  The written practice test features twenty multiple choice on signs and rules that were spread evenly over all topics that appear on the real DMV exam.  Seat belt laws, parking regulations, speed limits, hand signals, fines and penalties and, of course, numerous road signs with great images!  We were able to fit all that into just twenty questions! 

This is an interactive test and we believe in providing you with immediate feedback every step of the way.  This means you will know whether you answered a permit test question correctly as soon as you pick one of the answers.  If, by some strange luck, you happen to miss a question, don't stress over it too much!  The practice quiz will show you the right answer and provide you with a detailed explanation of why that particular answer is correct.  Read the explanation and never make the same mistake twice!

While we are on the subject, we just have to mention the study aids we have incorporated into this free Michigan practice driving test!  From now on, you don't have to blindly guess the answers to those questions you can't answer off the top of your head!  Use the study aids and learn something instead!  When it comes to assisting you with drivers training test questions, the practice test can offer two options: useful hints that will guide you to the right answer and the 50/50 option that hides two incorrect answers from the screen!  It is our belief that HINTs should always be used first and the 50/50 button should only be clicked on when you are completely stuck, but this is your drivers practice test and you are calling the shots, do as you like and find convenient!

How many times should you take this Michigan practice driving test before you move on to the next quiz in line?  This is totally up to you.  This drivers permit practice test has fixed questions, meaning that even though the order of questions may change as you keep on retaking the exam, the questions themselves will remain essentially the same.  We recommend that you work your grade up to at least 90% before you switch to another practice quiz.  Overachievers and those who have a little extra time on their hands can keep taking the quiz until they can answer each and every permit test question!  Remember, this 2019 Michigan drivers license practice test is completely free, the only thing is cost is a little of your time, so there is no reason why you should not work on it until you are fully happy with your grade!

We wish you good luck on your visit to the Secretary of State and make sure to check out other Michigan drivers training practice tests on the website!