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The Massachusetts motorcycle permit test Simulator has combined all of the great features you might have grown used to while working on other sample quizzes on the website, yet it follows the format used by the RMV to conduct the real written knowledge test, to provide you with real-life experience and prepare you for the challenge you will be facing at your local office.  The motorcycle permit practice test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and you must answer no less than 20 of them correctly in order to pass.  Sample permit test questions and answers cover a broad range of driving rules, traffic regulations and road signs.  Right-of-way rules, defensive driving techniques, traffic signals, going through intersections, sharing the road with bicycles and motorcycles, recognizing emergency signals, parking on hills, using hand signals for indicating turns, the effects of alcohol on your driving ability, fines and penalties and countless Massachusetts road signs with great images - the practice test really has everything you need to nail the real RMV exam the first time you take it. 

Just like any other practice quiz on the website, this motorcycle learners permit test for MA provides you with instant feedback as you go through the exam.  It immediately shows whether you have answered a sample question correctly or not and if you just happened to make a mistake, it highlights the right answer so you can learn on the fly!  You don't have to record your incorrect answers at this point as you will receive one extra chance to review all of the questions you have missed at the end of the exam. 

Here is something that sets the 2019 Mass motorcycle permit test Simulator aside from regular permit practice tests and places it into an entirely different category of exams - unlike regular quizzes, the motorcycle permit test Simulator does not use a predefined set of questions that is displayed to you every time the exam is taken.  You might have already noticed that regular free MA motorcycle permit practice tests display the same questions over and over again, no matter how many times you take the exam.  The order of questions is usually shuffled or rotated, but as long as you keep taking the same practice test, you keep getting the same set of permit test questions.  The motorcycle Simulator is different.  Whenever you sign into this page, the Simulator will access our vast knowledge base of written test questions and answers, select 25 new questions and build a unique practice quiz for you right here on the spot.  The process is truly remarkable but the result is even more astounding - you end up with unlimited free MA RMV motorcycle permit test samples! A large knowledge base, such as the one we have accumulated (and we keep on adding new learners questions all the time) is a guarantee that you will never have to take the same test twice!  Sure, some questions may start reappearing, as you continue working on the practice test over and over again, but the quiz itself will always be unique!

For those who are looking for a comprehensive permit test study guide, there is no resource we could recommend higher than the official Massachusetts motorcycle permit book 2019!  You may also know the book by the name of the drivers manual, RMV booklet, motorcycle drivers test study guide - the names don't matter.  What matters is the fact that the book is the most comprehensive guide that covers absolutely everything you get tested on when you turn up at the DMV doorstep.  If you have the time - read the whole book.  If you don't - download it anyway and keep it by your side for reference as you keep cracking away at these sample knowledge test questions! Either way, the book is an absolute must for anyone who wants to maximize his chances of passing the 2019 Massachusetts motorcycle permit test!