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Use our 2020 DMV written practice test for Massachusetts learners to check out some genuine motorcycle test questions and answers from the RMV database. We cannot predict precisely which DMV written test questions you will be asked during the motorcycle test, but we can show you a broad selection of real-life permit test questions, just like those that will appear on your exam paper. Practice answering these questions while you work through the study material in the motorcycle handbook, to make sure you understand everything correctly and are ready to pass the motorcycle permit test.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles uses just one MA DMV written test to assess all potential motorcycle riders in the state. It does not make a difference whether you will be taking the permit test in Boston, Cambridge, Salem or elsewhere, or whether you are seeking an endorsement rather than a permit. Every applicant is put through the same RMV permit test, which features 25 questions and has a passing threshold of 80%. Our MASS DMV written test practice quiz will show you exactly what the real assessment will be like! Activate the test by ‘clicking’ the start button on this page, to get your learning journey underway.

All prospective motorcyclists must read the RMV motorcycle handbook from cover to cover, in addition to using the Massachusetts DMV practice permit test. Our quiz can help you get ready to perform well on the assessment, but it cannot do it alone. The handbook will teach you about accident evasion, helmet laws, defensive driving techniques, passenger rules and space management in detail. In partnership with the manual, our 2020 RMV practice test MA quiz will fine-tune your knowledge by presenting you with real DMV written test questions and answers. This will encourage you to think through and apply what you have learned from the permit book, while exposing any weak spots in your knowledge which require attention. We make it easy for you to gauge your knowledge, by marking each question on this RMV practice written test individually. This allows us to show you the true answer right away if you have made a mistake, complete with a short explanation to help you learn from the error. At the end of your 25-question round, a summary page will once again list all your incorrect answers side-by-side, so you can see which aspects of the study material to revisit.

Next to each of the DMV Massachusetts written test questions and answers on this motorcycle practice test, you will notice two options marked ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’. These tools will allow you to take away half the incorrect answers from the multiple-choice list, and/or ask for a clue about the correct answer. There are no restrictions placed on the number of times a student can use these tools, however, you should aim to reduce your reliance on them during each new attempt at the practice DMV test for MA motorcyclists. During the real Massachusetts RMV motorcycle test, students must find the correct permit test answers without support tools and without looking up any information in the permit test study guide.

It does not matter how many rounds it takes to achieve a passing grade on this RMV written practice test for Massachusetts learners, as it will be available on this page for re-tests as often as you need it. As the questions on this DMV practice permit test MA quiz are fixed, you do not need to worry about answering them all correctly first-time.