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Don't want to be stuck in front of the computer for hours, studying for the Massachusetts motorcycle permit test?  You don't have to!  Our free practice motorcycle permit test MA quiz takes less than five minutes to complete!  Five minutes to learn twenty new permit test answers for the 2019 exam, this is all it takes! Don't waste time on study guides that simply don't work, prepare for the motorcycle RMV permit test with the help of our sample problems and pass the first time!

This Massachusetts motorcycle practice permit test is loaded with 20 multiple choice questions that cover a variety of topics that appear on the real RMV permit test.  Carrying passengers, riding on wet pavement and lose gravel, tackling turns safely, counter-steering and helmet regulations - it's all there.  Every question features three or four answers, but only one of the answers is correct. The motorcycle practice test is graded on the fly and you will know whether you have picked the right answer immediately after indicating your choice.  Should you make a mistake, our permit practice test MA quiz will show you the correct answer and provide a detailed explanation for that answer so you don't have spend time on researching this topic with the help of the official Massachusetts motorcycle drivers manual.  Once you are done with the entire motorcycle practice test, you will receive yet another chance to review your answers and retake the practice test should your grades be lower than desired.

How do you know whether you need to repeat this motorcycle permit practice test MA quiz again or if you're good to move on to the next exam?  We believe you should continue working on the test until you are able to score at least 90% on the test.  The real MA motorcycle permit test has 25 questions and you need to score just 80% to pass, but we suggest that you get your grades to a higher level before you attempt the real DMV written test.  Remember the space cushion you need to keep around the motorcycle?  This higher score is your space cushion for the motorcycle permit test, helping you to avoid the embarrassment of failing the test by a single question.

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