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If you have decided to become a commercial driver and think that the Maine Class A test is your preferred choice of the three vehicle classes, you’ve landed on the right web page! We can give you unlimited access to our Class A license Maine practice test and iron out any confusion you may have about the assessment process. You have probably noticed that there are certain endorsement exams you must take if you’re looking to become Class A qualified. This is because the Class A license test for Maine is the highest level of commercial driving permit test you could take. Vehicles within this class include flat-bed tucks, large school buses, triple trailers and livestock transportation trucks - we’re talking some of the largest and heaviest vehicles out there! Consequently, these vehicles are considered harder to operate than any lighter vehicles from Class B or Class C. There are certain mandatory endorsement exams you must sit to pass the overall Class A test for Maine, because you will require additional, specialist knowledge to operate these vehicles safely.

The two endorsement exams which are compulsory for Class A drivers are Air Brakes and Combination Vehicles. Practically all vehicles within this class qualify as combination vehicles and use air brakes, so you’ll need to learn about their operation and any safety considerations if you’re aiming to pass the Class A BMV test in Maine. There are not any DMV test questions from the Air Brake or Combination Vehicle endorsement exams on this Maine DMV practice test for 2020, as it purely focuses on the CDL general knowledge BMV permit test. Fortunately, you don’t need to search other websites if you’re looking for endorsement-related quizzes as we do have other free CDL practice tests here which can help you.

Before we move on to the quiz, we’d like to make you aware that you may need to sit more than the two mandatory endorsement exams if you want to pass the Maine DMV test for a Class A license. This will depend entirely on what job you want once you are qualified, as that role may require further specialist knowledge and license endorsements to evidence it. Other endorsements include HazMat (for working with hazardous materials), School Bus (for driving a school bus) and Tank (for operating liquid transportation vehicles). You can figure out which of these you need later, once you have used this Class A practice test for Maine to pass the general knowledge exam.

This Maine BMV CDL practice test will quiz you on CDL general knowledge topics from the DMV handbook – you will not get very far without that manual! Everything from basic vehicle control to road rules and signs is covered on our CDL practice quizzes, using real BMV test questions that have been taken from past exam papers or adapted from the handbook. The topics dealt with on the general knowledge exam are relevant to all drivers, vehicles and occupations, which means the questions will be the same whether you are applying for a Class C, Class B or Class A commercial driving license. This means that our Maine Class A practice test also works just fine for Class B and Class C applicants. You’ll find there are just 20 multiple-choice questions on this DMV practice permit test for Maine, as we wanted the quiz to be easy for any student to use no matter how busy their schedule. You should be able to work through it in around five minutes. BMV test practice just got a whole lot simpler – thanks to this brilliant permit test DMV quiz!