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Figuring out which license endorsements you need for your commercial driving permit can be a bit of a headache, so we have put together some information here that can help you make the right decision. Which qualifications you need is determined by the type of cargo you intend to work with and whether your vehicle falls into Class C, Class B or Class A. The Maine CDL combination test is only necessary for Class A applicants, as all vehicles which are comprised of a truck and trailer qualify as Class A. Our Maine CDL combination practice test has been designed to prepare aspiring Class A permit holders for that assessment, in conjunction with the DMV-recommended study material from the driver’s handbook. Should you be hoping to earn your living behind the wheel of a combination tanker vehicle, flat-bed truck, livestock carrier, articulated bus or any truck towing one or more trailer, this CDL combination practice test for Maine students can help you achieve an essential qualification.

The Combination Vehicles exam is not the only endorsement permit test required by Class A drivers, nor the first BMV written test in your path. You should finish reading this guidance before commencing your studies with our Class A practice test for Maine combination vehicle applicants, to ensure you’re not in the wrong place. At the very start of your training journey, the ultimate career you wish to fulfil is irrelevant. Every commercial driving must begin by sitting the same assessment! The exam in question is the CDL general knowledge Maine permit test, preparation for which will bring you up-to-speed on rules of the road, general vehicle control, highway signs and commercial driving regulations. New applicants should start by familiarizing themselves with the general knowledge material in the permit test study guide, supporting that work with our Maine CDL general knowledge practice test.

With the general knowledge exam passed, you can choose which license endorsements to study and apply for. At Class A, your main priorities should be the CDL combination test for Maine students and the Air Brakes endorsement test, as they are both compulsory. It is entirely possible that you will require further equipment or cargo-specific endorsements for the driving job you wish to enter, though this can be considered later. For now, partner this Maine combination CDL practice test with the Combination Vehicles chapter of the permit book, to start learning about combination vehicle control issues, rules and safety considerations. This will include understanding your vehicle’s center of gravity and how full loads can leave you susceptible to rolling over, how to cross railways, safe lane changing practices, parking rules, vehicle inspection and various other subjects. Our 2020 DMV practice test for Maine drivers can present you with authentic questions targeting each of these sub-topics, allowing you to track your progress as you go along. The questions included on the BMV CDL practice test Maine quiz are designed to be exactly like those on the real assessment, making it the ideal DMV test practice tool.

Students are free to take as little or as much time as necessary to work through the questions on the Maine CDL Class A combination practice test, as we aim to create a relaxed learning environment with no imposed time limits. However, you do not have to worry about the 2020 practice permit test eating into your busy schedule too much, as most participants find it takes around three to five minutes to finish.