Are you an aspiring commercial driver from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette or Shreveport? Wherever you are taking your DMV permit test in Louisiana, there is one study guide you simply cannot get by without. We’re talking about the Louisiana driving manual for CDL students, which has been put together by the Office of Motor Vehicles to accompany the commercial driving exams they offer. If you’re set on making your commercial driving dreams come true as quickly as possible with minimum effort, the Louisiana driver’s manual for 2021 should be your primary source of information. There are some decent unofficial study aids out there, but also many which are not worth the paper they’re printed on. Rather than wasting your Louisiana OMV test preparation time trying to figure out which is which, you can begin learning straight away with the official DMV driving manual and know for certain you are on the right track.

Everything you need to know about all the commercial driving license exams can be found in this one, all-inclusive Louisiana driver’s guide, it is not just for people looking to sit the initial general knowledge permit test. If you didn’t realize there is more than one DMV written test associated with the CDL assessment process, don’t worry – we can explain everything for you. The first and largest DMV written test for 2021 which every commercial driving student must tackle, is the CDL general knowledge learners permit test for Louisiana. When you take this exam, you will be faced with 50 multiple-choice DMV test questions, all of which center around general knowledge CDL topics which apply to every commercial driver. Basically, anything you need to demonstrate an understanding of before you can begin taking lessons, will appear on this 2021 DMV test. When studying for the CDL general knowledge permit test you should target topics such as vehicle control, vehicle inspection, road signs and rules of the road in your Louisiana driver license manual.

Also contained in the CDL drivers manual for Louisiana is information relating to the license endorsements. These are essentially extra qualifications which specify the kind of driving job you can do; they each come with their own shorter DMV written test. Once you have passed the general knowledge DMV Louisiana permit test and figured out which endorsements you need, it will be easy to find the relevant information in the CDL DMV manual. You will not need to study general knowledge material again, so you can move directly to the chapter which deals with your chosen endorsement, whether that be Air Brake, Combination Vehicles, HazMat or Passenger.

The Louisiana driving book as jam-packed full of study material and other useful information. You might expect it to be difficult to find what you need, but it’s remarkably easy! The clearly laid-out contents pages make navigating to the section you want to read incredibly straight-forward. Every commercial driving DMV test topic it covers is explained using easily-understood language and supported by some brilliant images – you will probably be surprised at how enjoyable studying can be!

When you’ve acquainted yourself with the material you need in the Louisiana driver manual, using some realistic DMV test questions to measure your understanding of the topics covered is a logical next step. There aren’t usually many permit test practice questions in the handbook, but we’ve got plenty here on our CDL practice test Louisiana quizzes! We don’t charge students to use our resources, so you can work on any quiz as often as you like until you’re happy with your score.

Download your Louisiana driver’s manual from the DMV website now – it won’t cost you a penny!

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