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Looking for Illinois motorcycle written test answers?  We've got plenty of them and they are free for you to study! However, before you start cracking away at those questions and answers, we wanted to bring your attention to the fact that you may be doing so for the wrong reasons.  Many of the first-time Illinois motorcycle drivers license applicants believe that the DMV written test is a restrictive measure, designed to keep people away from riding a motorcycle.  This could not be further from the truth.  Riding a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous than driving a car, it requires a certain set of skills and you always stand a higher chance of being injured if you do find yourself in a midst of a traffic accident.  The Illinois motorcycle permit test is your final checkpoint, the last chance for you to stop and take a realistic look at your current level of preparation: are you ready for the challenge of riding the motorcycle, do you have the skills and the knowledge required, will you be able to find your way out of a dangerous situation should one arise? Why would you want to cheat yourself of this opportunity granted by the DMV?  Memorizing couple of hundreds of Illinois DMV permit test answers may get you through the DMV written test, but it will not prepare you for your future on the road, so buckle down and make sure you understand the concepts that shape these answers to the Illinois motorcycle written test 2019.

This Illinois DMV motorcycle practice test follows the format of other regular practice tests on the website. It has 20 questions, all of them multiple choice, all of them feature three or four answers.  Keep in mind that only one of the answers is correct, even though it may seem otherwise sometimes.  Including highly similar answers into the test is a known DMV tactic and this is why you really have to pay attention through the exam, without resorting to picking the first answer that just seems right.  Our DMV practice test is graded on the fly and all of the Illinois motorcycle DMV written test answers were supplemented with a detailed explanation that is shown whenever you make a mistake.  While you may be tempted to simply skip through reading those explanations and it may seem like a time-saver at first, it really isn't.  Reading these explanations helps you learn faster by improving retention rates - they help you dig into the question and so you remember the correct answer for a longer period of time.  The added benefit of having written test answers supplemented with explanations is the fact that you don't have to browse the Illinois drivers handbook while taking the practice test - you have all of the required information right there in front of you.  This does not mean that you should not read the drivers manual - you should, and we suggest that you also revisit the Illinois rules of the road book for the regular drivers license, just as a refresher, but it does take away the need to do so while in the middle of the DMV practice test.

Read the book, learn all Illinois motorcycle DMV written test answers 2019 with the help of this practice permit test and you'll pass with flying colors!