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Yet another awesome Illinois DMV motorcycle practice test to help you get another step closer to achieving that motorcycle permit you have always wanted! True to the tradition, the practice permit test comes with twenty multiple choice questions that are based on the real DMV written test and the official motorcycle drivers handbook (yes, the same book the DMV draws upon when they are working on the actual motorcycle permit test)!  Choosing the right lane position, accident prevention, riding on highways and dealing with emergencies - it's all there!  Every question comes with a detailed explanation that could save you time on having to research the subject with the help of the drivers manual, but don't let that fact stop you from reading the manual anyway!  In fact, we believe that every motorcycle drivers license applicant should read both the Illinois rules of the road book (as a quick refresher) and the motorcycle drivers handbook before starting to work on this permit practice test!  reading the permit test guide provides you with a great overview of safe driving habits, teaches you defensive driving tactics and prepares you for what you may face on the road in the future.  Working on an Illinois DMV practice test, on the other hand, helps you get accustomed to the wording used by the DMV, shows you some real Illinois motorcycle written test answers and helps you uncover any subjects you may have missed or misunderstood while reading the book.  The book and the permit practice test work best when they are bundled together, you simply leave no chance for failure when you prepare for the motorcycle permit test that way!

Let us tell you about another great feature of this Illinois drivers license practice test and how it can help you make the learning process more enjoyable and fun.  This motorcycle practice test is a study tool and as such, it has integrated study aids to help you learn faster.  What do you usually do if you don't know the answer to one of the test questions?  You pick a random option and hope for the best.  Is there any learning value in this approach?  We don't believe so and this is why you do not have to go for a random answer when you are working on this Illinois DMV motorcycle practice test!  Whenever you find yourself stuck, you get to choose between having a helpful hint displayed or having two incorrect answers hidden from the screen.  You can even do both, if you so desire, but we recommend that you always start with the hint first. Hints provide you with additional information about the question and help you deduce the correct answer.  They are not a dead giveaway, but they will point your mind in the right direction.  The 50/50 option may help you eliminate some of the answers that look similar and make the job of choosing the correct answer much easier.  Don't be shy about using either of these options, after all, that's why this Illinois permit practice test has them!

Enjoy your free Illinois motorcycle practice permit test 2019 and don't forget to comment once you pass the DMV written test!  Good luck!