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If you want to get behind the wheel of some of the biggest and heaviest commercial vehicles on the road, you will need to pass your Georgia Class A test for a commercial drivers license permit. The theory aspect of the Class A license test for Georgia comes first; this then qualifies you to begin taking practical driving lessons to get you ready for the driving part of the GA DMV test. The CDL general knowledge DMV permit test comes first so that you are fully armed with all the basic commercial driving information you will need to safely operate a vehicle, under supervision of course.

In the DDS Class A permit test for Georgia, you will be asked to answer 50 multiple-choice or “true or false” questions relating to all kinds of road-law and general driving topics. These DMV test questions will focus on areas like basic driving skills, what action you should take during an emergency, how to safely communicate with other road users, the meaning behind different road signs and how to assess how much space your vehicle has. There is no way of knowing exactly which questions will come up on the DMV test for Georgia, so you need to make sure you’re up to speed on every subject area you could be asked about.

The best way to achieve this is by reading the DMV handbook thoroughly. If you don’t have a copy yet, you can get one for free on the DDS website. Studying the GA DMV handbook probably won’t be enough on its own; you will also need to use a decent DDS CDL practice test to make sure your knowledge is up to scratch. Any CDL practice test for Georgia you choose must be up-to-date, as the information in the DDS drivers handbook changes every few years. Luckily, every single GA DMV CDL practice test on this website is made with current information and DMV test questions taken directly from real-life tests. This is possibly the most effective 2020 CDL practice test you will find anywhere on the internet!

Can you use this tool as a Class A practice test for Georgia? Yes, absolutely. The DMV written test for 2020 will ask the same questions, regardless of which license class you ultimately apply for. Consequently, our highly-versatile online exam can be used as a Class A CDL practice test, a Class B CDL practice test and even a Class C knowledge practice test! If you’re dead set on going for your DDS Class A license, you will eventually need other Class A drivers license practice tests, to prepare you for your endorsement exams. You will at least want to use our GA Class A practice test for the Air Brake endorsement and the Combination Vehicle endorsement, as these are compulsory add-ons for every Class A license. You may also wish to take other DDS CDL practice tests such as HazMat, School Bus, Tank or Passenger endorsement tests. Which GA CDL practice test you need will depend on what you want to do in your driving career – but you don’t have to decide on that right now.

Wondering what you should do first? Have a go at this DMV practice test 2020 GA quiz! It is built with just 20 questions so you can complete it quickly, and get an idea of how good your general knowledge is right now. When you’re done, why not check out our Georgia DMV cheat sheet?