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Ready to swap your car for a piece of two-wheel fun? Kudos and welcome to the club!  However, before you hit the road, you need to obtain your Florida motorcycle license endorsement and taking the DMV written test is the first step towards it.  If you have taken the regular Florida permit test recently, there is some good news for you - the motorcycle permit test is half the size of the regular permit test and it is nowhere as difficult.  Most of the questions you will have to face during the written test deal with rider's safety, defensive driving practices and controlling the motorcycle in various on-road situations - things you need to know not just for passing the motorcycle permit test, but also to enjoy a lengthy safe riding career after the test.

Now for the good news - we have all of the Florida motorcycle permit test answers and we can share them with you through this awesome motorcycle practice test.  Don't mind the fact that this DMV practice test has only 20 questions, we have over 200 Florida DMV written test answers prepared for you and they are all yours to study (if you want to work them all at the same time, check out our Florida motorcycle permit cheat sheet).  The reason why we have chosen to include only 20 questions into this motorcycle practice permit test is quite simple - we want to keep the test short so you can complete it in five minutes or less.  We know how daunting sitting in front of the computer for hours may be - we've been there ourselves.  You don't have to do that anymore, as you can complete this motorcycle practice test within minutes!  What if you have more time to spare?  Take another practice test, and the one after that!  You are the master of your fate, you decide how much time you invest into studying these Florida DMV written test answers!

There is another highly overlooked study resource we always recommend to first-timers and that is the official Florida DMV handbook, also known as the motorcycle drivers handbook.  The book is great for permit test preparation, sine the entire DMV written test is based exclusively on that book.  Sure, not everyone likes reading and sometimes you don't have the time to buckle down and go through the entire book at once.  However, if you start early (and we recommend that you start reading the permit test study guide no less than two weeks before your permit test appointment date), you will only need to read couple of pages a day - anyone can manage that and the effect brought by reading the drivers manual and working on this Florida motorcycle permit practice test is hard to overstate.

So this is your winning recipe - read the drivers handbook study guide, work on this Florida DMV motorcycle practice test 2019 and you will nail the written test the first time!