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Find out exactly what is in store during the DMV motorcycle written test for 2019 applicants, using the DMV permit practice test for Florida applicants on this page. The DHSMV conduct motorcycle permit tests the same way in every Florida city, which makes this fantastic resource suitable for prospective motorcycle license holders from Orlando, Tampa, Miami and every other city in the state. When it comes to passing the motorcycle permit test, knowing what you are up against is half the battle! Thanks to the DMV practice permit test we provide, you will not have to wait until the day of your exam to try your hand at answering some real-life DMV test questions.

To give you the most realistic exam experience possible, our team have designed this DMV learners permit practice test for Florida applicants to mimic the parameters of the real exam. Just like the real motorcycle test, this quiz features 25 multiple-choice questions and has a pass requirement of 80%. The permit test questions we use have either been constructed using information in the 2019 motorcycle permit book or extracted directly from the DMV database. If you work through this motorcycle practice test without accessing any of our learner support tools, you are essentially completing an exam exactly like the one you will take at the DMV test office. Therefore, passing this Florida practice permit test with a grade of 80% or higher means you should be all set to take on the real assessment.

Keep in mind that you will not be ready for anything that could come up during the motorcycle test unless you have also read the study material in the Florida motorcycle handbook. That manual explores essential safety topics such as accident evasion, carrying passengers, helmet laws, defensive driving and space management, in fine detail. The real Florida DMV test is randomly assembled by computer and could contain questions addressing any of this material. While passing our driving permit practice test is a good sign, it cannot address everything in the permit book and therefore cannot be used as a stand-alone study tool. To guarantee your success during the real Florida motorcycle permit test, you should work with the handbook and our 2019 DMV practice test side-by-side.

Use of the study support on this Florida motorcycle permit practice test is entirely optional. This allows you to determine the difficulty-level of your own practice test experience, by opting to utilize or ignore this support as you see fit. While you are initially familiarizing yourself with the permit test topics, you will likely find the built-in study tools to be a great help! Next to each question on the Florida DMV permit practice test, you will notice two buttons marked ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’. Clicking either of these options will simplify the question you are working on, making it easier to choose the correct answer. As the name suggests, ‘50/50’ will instantly remove half the incorrect solutions from the list below the question. Whereas ‘hint’ will bring up a comment box with a clue to point you toward the correct answer. You are free to rely on these tools as heavily as you like during the first few rounds on the Florida learners permit practice test, as there is no limit placed on their use. As the date of the real permit test draws closer, you should aim to limit your use of these tools, as you will not have access to them at the DMV test office.