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Passing the Florida motorcycle has never been easier than today! Everything you need to pass the DMV permit test is available online and, what's even better, these study tools are completely free! You have a variety of motorcycle permit practice tests, such as this Florida DMV practice test, you have various permit test study guides and you have the official motorcycle drivers handbook provides by none other than the Florida DHSMV itself! The real motorcycle DMV permit test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the drivers manual and there is really no reason for you not to study it!  Reading the book will not only give you the answers to the motorcycle learners permit test, but it will help you become a more confident, safer rider. 

Many of the first-time Florida motorcycle drivers license applicants are looking for the "best way" to prepare for the DMV written test, something that will guarantee that they pass the exam the first time around, and we have the answer for those first-timers: read the drivers handbook, take as many practice tests as you can find (starting with this 2019 Florida DMV motorcycle practice test), score no less than 90% on them and then pass the permit test with flying colors.  It really is that simple, all it takes is a little time and dedication.  Studying for 10-15 minutes a day for couple of weeks is really enough for most riders to pass the DMV permit test and this approach works much better than trying to cram the night before the test. We are not saying that cramming doesn't work, it can certain get you through the DMV written test, but retention rates for this method of preparation are extremely low and you are likely to forget most of what you've learned the day after the exam - not an ideal scenario when you are talking about operating a motorcycle.  Start working on this Florida DMV motorcycle practice test early and you won't have to cram!

How much time do you invest into working on this free Florida motorcycle practice test?  This really depends on you and your current level of preparation.  We always recommend that you do not stop working on the DMV practice test until you are able to answer at least 90% of the DMV questions correctly.  This passing score is somewhat higher than the one you are required to obtain at the DMV office, but knowing that you can do better than the test requires you to will give you a peace of mind and the confidence at the office - an extremely important factor as many studies have shown that students perform better when they are not stressed.  And if you want to take it a notch higher and learn all 20 Florida permit test answers from this DMV practice test, who are we to stop you?  Go ahead and start swinging away at these 2019 DMV questions right now!