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This may come as somewhat of a surprise, coming from a page that actually has a motorcycle permit test cheat sheet posted on it, but we don't really believe in cheating on the DC DMV permit test.  The chances of being caught are high and the amount of effort you need to invest into it to pull it off is really not worth the trouble.  If you want to simply download a pdf file with a DC motorcycle permit test cheat sheet to your iPhone and take it into the office with you - go ahead, who are we to stop you?  However, before you do that, consider these simple facts.  First of all, the Washington DC DMV uses a bunch of different questions and different test papers.  One free motorcycle permit test cheat sheet doesn't cut it (and most of the companies that offer cheat sheets will want to charge you for them), you'll need quite a few of them to cover the entire range of driving rules and how do you expect to find the right answers among hundreds of different questions when you show up at the office?  Another fact you should be aware of is that the motorcycle DMV written test is not an open book exam and no outside materials are allowed, including your iPhone.  You can't simply pull out the phone and start searching for answers - the moment you are observed doing that your exam is marked as failed and you are escorted out of the office.  So what you've got ahead of you is the task of stealthily browsing through hundreds of motorcycle permit test questions and answers, locating the ones that are on the test and filling them in.  How high do you think your chances of pulling this off are?

With the above things in mind, we have decided to go a completely different way and build our free Washington DC motorcycle permit test cheat sheet as a massive DMV practice test, with a number of study aids integrated into the exam.  However, this is not a regular motorcycle practice permit test you might have taken before! For starters, it's connected to a question bank of over 200 DC motorcycle permit test questions and it utilizes this connection to the max, providing you with a new unique array of sample questions every time you begin the quiz!  That's right, the motorcycle DMV cheat sheet won't ask you to repeat the same 20 questions over and over again, every time you sign in, you will receive a custom quiz that was manufactured on the spot just for you!  The DMV cheat sheet shares this trait with the motorcycle permit test Simulator, a practice test you should definitely have a look at before you go to the DMV!  However, unlike the Simulator, which is the ultimate self-assessment tool, the cheat sheet is geared more towards providing you with an easy and stress-free way to learn the rules and it will hold your hand throughout the entire test. We've got your back and will help you figure out any of these motorcycle permit test questions, no matter how hard they are!  If you every find yourself stuck while working on this 2019 DC motorcycle permit test cheat sheet, simply use one of the integrated study aids.  These come in two forms - as hints and the 50/50 button, each one with its own purpose in mind.  Hints are small snippets of additional information that will provide more details about the driving rule in question and help you figure our the right answer.  They are certainly not a dead give-away and will only point you in the right direction (we still want you to use your power of deduction and figure out the right answer for yourself).  The 50/50 button was designed to be used in a situation when you are faced with a few answers that seem to be similar at first glance and you simply cannot figure out which one is right.   Clicking on the button will immediately hide two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple choice of picking the right answer out of the options that are left.  Mind you, we always recommend that, while working on this online DC motorcycle DMV cheat sheet, you always use hints first and follow up with the 50/50 button only when you find yourself facing the wall you simply cannot break through without any help!

Those who keep missing too many questions on the DC motorcycle permit test cheat sheet (and by missing too many questions we mean not being able to score 80% or higher every time you take the exam) are recommended to start with our line up of regular sample exams that were arranged in the order of increasing difficulty.  Start with the first free Washington DMV motorcycle practice test, work your way up through the entire range of quizzes and you will see significant improvements by the time you get back this DMV cheat sheet!